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What’s On (Drumheller): 23rd Season of Passion Play – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

What’s On (Drumheller): 23rd Season of Passion Play – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Canadian Badlands Passion PlayJesus is coming to the Canadian Badlands for nine performances July 8-24!

New actor playing Jesus, new script, new musical score, new lead director for 23rd season of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play!

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is excited to announce that Caleb Gordon has been cast in the role of Jesus for its nine performances July 8-24 in Drumheller, Alberta.

“Finding someone to play the role of Jesus can be a bit difficult,” explains, Vance Neudorf, Executive Director of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. “You not only need an actor who can effectively play this iconic role but also one who is physical fit and able to move quickly up and down the hills and around the stage while seamlessly delivering his lines.”

Caleb has a long history with the Passion Play, having started out as a high school student in the Canadian Badlands Performing Arts summer school program being first cast as one of the thieves beside Jesus on the crosses during the crucifixion scene.

New Script, New Musical Score & New Lead Director
2016 will be a groundbreaking season for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. The new script, an adaptation of the Gospel of Luke titled “Face to Face”, written by Alberta playwright Barrett Hileman will encompass the entire life of Christ, beginning at his birth. Alberta composer Luke Ertman has created the score for the new play. Brian Jensen, who played the role of the apostle John for the past five seasons, has become the lead director.

“With over 200 actors on stage supported by 40 backstage support staff the Passion Play is a mammoth undertaking resulting in an incredible outdoor spectacle,” adds Neudorf.

For more information, visit or call 1-403-823-2001.
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Photo credits: Ron Nickel

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