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Job (Edmonton): Director, Performers (Edmonton Fringe) – Must Be Tuesday Music

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Job (Edmonton): Director, Performers (Edmonton Fringe) – Must Be Tuesday Music

MY BOYFRIEND’S GIRLFRIEND is seeking a director and three actors/singers!

It’s a musical comedy which will be presented in a main venue at the Edmonton Fringe Festival this year. It’s about three likeable nerds who get into a polyamorous relationship, one of whom is trans and changes gender presentation over the course of the story. It’s a funny and light-hearted story with a happy ending, although there is some drama. Video games, friendship, and love!

This is the first Fringe show by Jamie Price/Must Be Tuesday. You can hear some of the songs that will be featured in the show at, for example Cover Me I’m Going In, The Coming Out Song, and This is Where I Wanna Be.

Cast of Characters:

  • DECKER – A young man, likeable and geeky. Tenor-ish vocal range.
  • SAGE – A young woman, Decker’s best friend, feminine and outgoing. Alto or soprano vocal range.
  • TRICIA, AKA TRENTON – A young transgender person, Decker’s partner, socially awkward and boyish. Presents as female at the beginning of the show and male at the end. Ideally played by a trans or non-binary person, but a smallish, fairly high-pitched cis man would work too. Tenor or alto.

For more info, contact Jamie Price at or on Facebook.

Deadline to apply as a director: May 12, 2016.

Deadline to apply as a performer: May 26, 2016.

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