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Volunteer (Calgary): Actors for new radio drama series – CJSW

Volunteer (Calgary): Actors for new radio drama series – CJSW

Calgary Radio TheatreCJSW 90.9FM is getting a new dramatic anthology series this fall!

Entitled “Darkside Drive,” it is a 12 episode series of original material written by bestselling author Don Roff and produced by CJSW production volunteer Justin Guild.

The motivation behind “Darkside Drive” is to bring diversity to the spoken word programming at CJSW, while featuring local talent and promoting theatre in Calgary nationwide. Being an anthology series, it will feature an entirely new cast and situation in each episode to provide the audience with the widest possible range of local talent. Each episode (save one 2-hour holiday special episode) will be 30 minutes in length and produced at CJSW studios, Univeristy of Calgary. The show will be broadcast over air, in syndication nationwide, and published online.

Production will take place May, June, July, and August, a total of three shows a month. The first week of each month is audition week for the three programs produced in that month. When “Darkside Drive” goes on the air in Calgary this fall, each performer in addition to on-air credit will receive an on-air plug for current or upcoming performances they are participating in at the time of broadcast and a headshot for the accompanying episode page on the show website, not to mention having a national stage on which to perform.

May auditions will commence May 1st through 5th for final production dates of May 11, 18, and 24. One initial rehearsal session day, plus a technical rehearsal the day before production will be standard practice. Scheduling will be flexible when necessary. There are:

  • No lines to memorize.
  • No costumes.
  • No sets

Deadline to submit is: May 4, 2016.

Auditions will take place at CJSW production and can be made by contacting:

Justin Guild
(587) 225-1662

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