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Announcement (Edmonton): Theatre Alberta to Participate in Incubating Innovation – EmcArts

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Announcement (Edmonton): Theatre Alberta to Participate in Incubating Innovation – EmcArts

EmcArtsNew Pathways | Edmonton Selects Three Arts Organizations to Participate in Incubating Innovation

EmcArts is delighted to announce that three Canadian organizations, participants in New Pathways | Edmonton, have been selected to move forward into Incubating Innovation, a program that supports organizations in exploring, testing and prototyping new strategies for increased public impact and value.

The Francis Winspear Centre for Music | Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival, and Theatre Alberta will all receive innovation grants and coaching support to strengthen their organizational innovation capacities. Incubating Innovation provides frameworks to advance a creative and adaptive response to complex challenges that nonprofit organizations often face.

For the last year, New Pathways | Edmonton has been providing, at no cost to the cohort of twenty participating organizations, workshops, consultation and coaching, as well as a variety of learning tools and resources to capture practices and reinforce lessons about innovation. The New Pathwaysapproach moves away from traditional strategies of technical assistance, which support the improvement of existing organizational strategies, to adaptive assistance that accelerates the adoption of “next practices” for the organizations and the field. New Pathways also integrates a learning and action cohort model, where participating organizations connect and learn from each other.

We congratulate the following organizations that have been selected to take part in Incubating Innovation, and look forward to the progress they’ll make on their organizational complex challenges.

If you are a Theatre Alberta Member, we will be reaching out to you as we collect information for this initiative. Please feel free to call us with your questions, at any time.

New Pathways | Edmonton is jointly funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council, and the Edmonton Community Foundation.

Read the media release here.

Read more about the New Pathways program here

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