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Auditions (Edmonton): Actor for Workshop Production of “Everyone We Know Will Be There” – Tiny Bear Jaws

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Auditions (Edmonton): Actor for Workshop Production of “Everyone We Know Will Be There” – Tiny Bear Jaws

Tiny Bear JawsEdmonton Auditions for Tiny Bear Jaws’ workshop production of “Everyone We Know Will Be There”

Production: Everyone We Know Will Be There: A House Party in One Act by Elena Belyea
Director: Andrew Ritchie
Production Dates: June 17 and 18, 2016
Rehearsals start: May 16, 2016
Audition dates: (In Edmonton) April 16, 2016
Deadline to submit: April 13, 2016

About the play: Keg stands, Sour Puss, sleeping bags and fire pits. Brad’s parents are out of town for the weekend, which means only one thing — the most orgiastic, booze-filled rager anyone has ever seen. Everyone will be there, plus a few nobodies. A deafening investigation of teenage sex, identity, consent, and the warm, wet lessons we can only learn in the dark.

Casting notes: This is an ensemble production. We are seeking actors who are excited to improvise and collaborate on a new work.

Character Breakdown:

  • TINA – 16. Lives with her mom and her mom’s fiancée. Smokes. Drinks. Recreational shoplifter. Not particularly warm at first, but fiercely loyal to those who take the time to get to know her. Has status at school. Serial texter. Best friends with Alex. (Maybe more.) Not a virgin.
  • ALEX – 16. Lives with his unpredictable parents. Used to take refuge at Brad and Julian’s while growing up until this year. Popular(ish). Spends most of his time when not at school killing time with Tina. Couldn’t ride a bike until he was 12. Voraciously curious about life on other planets. Smokes. Serious drinker.
  • FIG – 15. Lives with her parents and five sisters. Socially clumsy. Queer. Excitable. Straight-edge. Diehard J-pop fan. Prolific producer of fanfiction. Friends exist exclusively online. Vegetarian. Sings (often without realizing it). Terrorized daily by Brad. Idolizes Julian.
  • BRAD – 16. The host (party takes place in his vacationing parents’ house). Julian’s younger brother. Best friends, basically blood, with Alex. Party animal. Class clown. Often acts without thinking. On the school’s soccer team. Binge drinker. An optimist. Has never had a girlfriend for more than a month. Once held his breathe underwater for 3 straight minutes. Wants Tina.
  • JULIAN – 18. Brad’s older brother. Gay. Stubborn. Spontaneous. Occasionally (unintentionally) self-righteous. Well-informed. Loves debating. Recently reluctantly outed by Alex. Watches a ton of porn. Smokes weed religiously, especially lately. A winding, intellectual sense of humor & laugh that fills the whole room. Loves books, movies, and French bulldogs. Hasn’t prayed in 10 years.

Submission Guidelines: Please e-mail a headshot and resume to Elena Belyea at Write “Everyone We Know” in the subject line and indicate the roles you are interested in the body of the email. Please include whether or not you will be able to attend an event promoting the show the weekend of May 20-22, 2016. Tiny Bear Jaws encourages submissions from artists of any and all diverse backgrounds.

PLEASE NOTE This production is an artist-share. Honorariums will be confirmed through contract. If you have any questions, please contact Elena Belyea at or (514)-358-6024. To learn more about Tiny Bear Jaws, visit our website or our twitter at

Support for the development of this project provided by the Common Ground Arts Society. Click here to access a .pdf of the audition notice.

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