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Space (Edmonton): BYOV – Fringe Venue Sharing (Edmonton Fringe) – And More Shenanigans Theatre

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Space (Edmonton): BYOV – Fringe Venue Sharing (Edmonton Fringe) – And More Shenanigans Theatre

varscona-hotel-on-whyteAwesome Venue Available to Share at the YEG Fringe!

About the Space: 

  • The Varscona Hotel On Whyte, 8208 106 St NW.
  • The Rutherford Room 1 & 2: The two rooms connect into one large space.
  • Seats 100 people.
  • Some storage space will be provided backstage.
  • Air Conditioned.

Set Up Includes:

  • Stage is 16ft wide, 12ft deep, 1.5ft high.
  • 2 LED stage lights with stands.
  • Lighting control panel.
  • 2 large speakers with stands.
  • 1 sound mixer.
  • Background stage curtains.
  • A table will be set up in the back of house for technicians/stage managers.
  • Chairs for actors and audience members will be provided.
  • Each group will be guaranteed 2 hours for a technical rehearsal on either August 10th or 11th.

Further Details:

  • $1150 per group.
  • Artists will be granted 9-10 shows.
  • Shows cannot exceed two hours.
  • Stage manager and technicians will not be provided.
  • A signed contract and Initial Deposit of $600 will be due by March 14, 2016. (BYOV applications are due the same day; exceptions will be made if you have been given special permission from Fringe Theatre Adventures.) The remaining $550 will be due May 20, 2016. (Once payment is received it is non-refundable due to the inability find a replacement because BYOV Fringe applications would be closed.)


If you have any questions or are interested in sharing our venue this Fringe, please email Erin at andmoreshenanigans@outlook.com. Deadline to respond is March 14, 2016 – Unless given special permission by Fringe Theatre Adventures.

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