News (Alberta): Avoiding Scams – Actra Alberta

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News (Alberta): Avoiding Scams – Actra Alberta

Actra AlbertaTalent Agencies, Modeling & Talent Scouts, Workshop Providers & Film Schools – Avoiding Scams

“… While we won’t come outright and say that these activities are all scams, think about how many people out there actually paid the fees for entering these scout competitions, then paid the fees to go and visit their far-off headquarters to receive training, etc. And now think about how many stories you have heard from either celebrities or local performers who ‘made it’ or got their ‘big break’ due to these types of activities? If these really had the type of impact on peoples’ careers that many of them claim, don’t you think that recognizable celebrities would be endorsing them…? Save your money and your time, get a reputable talent agent and earn your chops working and making money rather than funding these types of organizations…”

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