News (Calgary): “Rabbits and Rodeos” Featured in Avenue Magazine

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News (Calgary): “Rabbits and Rodeos” Featured in Avenue Magazine

Avenue Magazine January 1 2016

Calgary’s One Yellow Rabbit and the High Performance Rodeo Recognized for Pivotal Contribution to City’s Development!

The feature article in the January edition of Avenue Magazine – Calgary identifies 20 decisions from the city’s past that have shaped the modern urban centre we know now. One story that will resonate with the theatre community is the decision made by Blake Brooker, Denise Clarke and Michael Green in the 1980s. With most of Alberta suffering through another ‘bust’ period, the three of them formed One Yellow Rabbit and took advantage of the abundance of cheap rental space to create a performance art company that has never stopped pushing the boundaries of experimental art.

“… the atmosphere of experimentation OYR fostered also created room for unique collaborations and experimental work from the more-mainstream companies including Theatre Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects and the Alberta Ballet. OYR taught not only Calgary theatre practitioners but theatre audiences to be open to the novel and to choose the unexpected.”

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