News (International): Calgary Playwright Gets Australian Premiere

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News (International): Calgary Playwright Gets Australian Premiere


Blood of a Thousand Chickens, a ten minute comedy about the classic Greek tale of Oedipus by Calgary playwright James Hutchison, is being given its world premiere at the Short+Sweet Short Play Festival in Sydney Australia from January 20th to 24th, 2016.

Short+Sweet is the world’s largest short play festival with a mission to build the theatre- going audience around the world by presenting theatre, dance, cabaret and song festivals that provide audiences with exciting and contemporary works that challenge and entertain. The 15th edition of Short+Sweet Sydney features 160 scripts from Australian and international writers and will run from January 6 to March 13. Full festival information can be found at here.

The Blood of a Thousand Chickens was partly developed and workshopped through the Alberta Playwrights Network Wordshed program in March 2015 with the participation of Trevor Rueger, Laura Parken, Roberta Mauer-Phillips, and Julie Orton. While The Alberta Playwrights’ Network does not produce plays, the organization assists in the development of plays and playwrights with the ultimate goal of production.

James Hutchison is a Calgary playwright specializing in comedy, romance, and mystery and is a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Alberta Playwrights Network and Theatre Alberta. You can follow James on Twitter @lifeisanact or visit his web site at where he blogs about writing, marketing, and theatre.