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Auditions (Calgary): Sarah and the Dinosaur – Fire Exit Theatre

Auditions (Calgary): Sarah and the Dinosaur – Fire Exit Theatre

Sarah and the Dinosaur by Fire Exit TheatreFire Exit Theatre is seeking actors for their February 2016 production of Sarah & the Dinosaur.

Based on the true story, Sarah & the Dinosaur is an unorthodox, funny, heartbreaking, and honest narrative of one woman and her journey with a cancer; that comes to her in the form of a dinosaur. It wants to leave, but it’s so hungry. Sarah fights her Dinosaur and struggles to make peace with what it means to live with terminal cancer.

SCHEDULE: Rehearsals will begin in earnest in early January 2016 and take place on evenings and weekends. However, if possible, we will start in December before Christmas. Tech rehearsals are Jan 30 – Feb 2 with performances running from Feb 3-7.

HOW TO PREPARE: Please prepare a contemporary monologue under 2 minutes in length. The monologue may be comic or dramatic, and should be something that you are emotionally connected to rather than a “good character monologue.” Pick something that resembles you at your most truthful. Actors may also be asked to cold read scenes from the play.

HOW TO SIGN UP: The first round of auditions will take place at Alberta Bible College on Friday, October 30 from 5-10 p.m. Please schedule an audition time by emailing Val Lieske at Further auditions and callbacks will be scheduled as necessary.

ROLES: We are looking for all roles: 3 males and 4 females. Two females will be doubled. All roles will receive an honorarium. We will be auditioning for the following roles:

  • Sarah: 26, kindergarten teacher who gets cancer. Says what she thinks. Often she becomes witty when she feels bitter. Her motto could be “Illegitimus non carborundum.” Strong on the outside, there are several moments, though, when we see her fear and vulnerability.
  • Dinosaur: Representative of cancer, a human dressed in a dinosaur costume. He’s always hungry and always eating. He’s rather dispassionate about doing his job, but he’ll do it; he doesn’t have anything else to do. However, he’s not without emotion. He often reacts like a big kid, immature, uncouth, but eventually endearing. Visually, think John Belushi from Animal House in a Barney costume.
  • Charlie: Mid to late 20’s, Sarah’s boyfriend, compassionate, supportive, long suffering, incredibly in love with Sarah, but doesn’t want to push her so he often lets her have her way.
  • Doctor: 40’s – 50’s male. Sarah’s doctor. Matter of fact, but not without compassion.
  • Susan: 30’s – 50’s female. Sarah’s principal. Supportive of Sarah’s situation. Practical and honest. A good friend even though they are not close.
  • Mom: Middle aged female. Sarah’s mom. Religious. Believes Jesus will heal Sarah. Has strong maternal instincts.
  • Casey (Sister): Early 20’s female. Sarah’s younger sister. As religious as her mother. Disapproves of Sarah’s life, but will never let Sarah realize that. Compensates by being over bubbly and sweet.
  • New Age Healer: Female. Seems flaky, but connects with Sarah in an honest way.
  • Gayle (Teacher): Mid-20’s female. Sarah’s co-worker. Extremely self-centred. Although she has no connection with Sarah, she is significantly impacted by Sarah’s cancer.

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