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Auditions (Calgary): Shadowlands – Fire Exit Theatre

Auditions (Calgary): Shadowlands – Fire Exit Theatre

Shadowlands by Fire Exit TheatreFire Exit Theatre/Hit and Myth Productions are seeking actors for their May 2016 co-production of Shadowlands.

Shadowlands is set in Oxford, England, in the 1950’s. It tells the story of the unlikely romance between C.S. Lewis, the settled bachelor and writer of The Chronicles of Narnia, with Joy Gresham, his brash American pen pal. Through the play, Lewis is forced to question his long-held assertions on love, pain, suffering, and the very nature of the God he has so long believed.

SCHEDULE: Rehearsals will begin in January 2016 and take place on evenings and weekends throughout the spring. The final schedule will increase in intensity as the May production nears and is, currently, TBA. Tech rehearsals are May 7-11 and performances run from May 12-22.

HOW TO PREPARE: Please prepare a 60-second monologue in standard British dialect (nothing broad – no Cockney, etc.). The monologue can be contemporary or classical, comic or dramatic, and should be something that you are emotionally connected to rather than a “good character monologue.” Pick something that resembles you at your most truthful. Actors may also be asked to cold read scenes from the play.

HOW TO SIGN UP: The first round of auditions will take place at Alberta Bible College on Friday, October 30 from 5-10 p.m. Please schedule an audition time by emailing Val Lieske at Further auditions and callbacks will be scheduled as necessary.

ROLES: The roles of C.S Lewis and Joy Gresham are cast. We are looking for at least 6 male actors of mature age (mid-40’s and up), 1 female actor (late teens, early 20’s), 1 child actor (8 year-old male) and 1-2 younger male actors (mid-20s -30s). A number of roles may include doubling. Some roles could be male or female. All roles will receive an honorarium. We will be auditioning for the following roles:

  • Major W. H. Lewis (”Warnie”): Jack’s older brother, bachelor, simple, agreeable, understanding. Drinks a little too much…
  • Professor Christopher Riley: Oxford don, makes a point to be “controversial”/adversarial and “not Christian,” similar in age to Lewis’, competitive, protective of turf.
  • Rev. “Harry” Harrington: Oxford chaplain, married man, quiet, peacemaker, sympathetic, likes Twenty Questions, follows the rules.
  • Alan Gregg: Oxford don, younger, not quite as respected as the others.
  • Dr. Maurice Oakley: Oxford don.
  • Douglas: Joy’s son, 8-years old, precocious, not afraid to stand up to adults, explorative, has been physically abused by his father, able to express deep emotion when the dam is released.
  • Nurse (Act 2 only): Young female. Motherly, helpful. Worried about how far she should go with her boyfriend before marriage.
  • Doctor (Act 2 only): Gives diagnosis to Lewis. Is very careful with what he says. Very precise. Tries to not get into emotional territory or promise too much.
  • Others: Waiter in Tea Room (no lines), Registrar, Young Priest. Waiter in Hotel (no lines).

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