News (National): I Vote Arts and Culture – Canadian Conference of the Arts

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News (National): I Vote Arts and Culture – Canadian Conference of the Arts

ccaTORONTO/OTTAWA: The custodial board of the Canadian Conference of the Arts has reactivated the organization for the purpose of arts advocacy and dissemination of information during the current federal election. Although previously suspending its operations in 2012 after 67 years due to catastrophic cuts in funding, the organization is still alive and the board feels that this election is too important to not become involved.

To this end, the organization has re-energized its social media presence, its Facebook page and its website as sources of information regarding the October 19 election. It will also act as a source for tangibles in the form of an “I Vote Arts and Culture” button and other election materials for its former members. The Chair of the CCA, Kathleen Sharpe, says “The current CCA board felt it was crucial to join our friends at the Canadian Arts Coalition, Equity and others to get the arts vote out. Culture is not only important to Canada as our identity, but the creative sector is essential to Canada’s economic success in the 21st century.  Get out and vote!.” 


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