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Audition (Sherwood Park): Prom Night of the Living Dead – Sherard Musical Theatre

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Audition (Sherwood Park): Prom Night of the Living Dead – Sherard Musical Theatre

imageSherard Musical Theatre Association is holding open auditions for our 2015 production, Prom Night of the Living Dead: A Zombie High School Musical!  This is an original work, premiering in October.  The production can be best described as throwing the Breakfast Club, Return of the Living Dead, and Glee in a Blender and hitting frappe.  

The following roles are available:

Becket, (Male, age range 17-35) A part time dealer, and a full time philosopher with a fondness for Dr. Seuss and Disney.  Hides behind a cloak of mystery, keeps others at an arms length.  Extremely intelligent, totally eccentric.  This is a singing role

Mackenzie, (Male, age range 17-35) A typical jock bully, intolerant to anyone who lacks athleticism, pretty unpleasant, not very intelligent.  Non singing role

Dylan, (Male, age range 17-35) See the Mackenzie profile, add more aggression and anger, detract even more intelligence.  Non singing role

10-15 Ensemble roles are also required to play students, teachers, and army personnel.  Age ranges of 17-45.  No singing and minimal time commitments until October are required for the ensemble roles.  

Please email promnightofthelivingdead@hotmail.com to book an audition time by no later than September 10, 2015.   Visit our website at www.sherardmusicaltheatre.org or our Facebook page. Sherard is a non profit amateur theatre company dedicated to the promotion of musical theatre in Alberta.

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