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What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): afterfat – Tough Cookie Collective

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What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): afterfat – Tough Cookie Collective

afterfat_sqLet’s be honest, in our society weight loss sells. Actually, it more than sells – it’s become its own industry. It’s almost every person’s goal to ‘drop a few’ and those who manage to do more than that – drop an entire other person – are acclaimed as heroes. You know, cause they’re so much stronger and more dedicated than the rest of us!

But for every hero, there’s a nemesis. Every Batman has a Joker. Every Taylor has a Kanye. There’s a dedicated group rising up to declare their unrest with society’s push on the ‘perfect’ body. The Body Positive movement. In and of itself, not a terrible manifesto, but it can possess its own evil.

afterfat is a relatable, one-woman show that follows the life of one girl: her struggle through a culture that encouraged gluttony, through a religion that told her who she was, through finding her identity in her weight and who found belonging in a community of like-bodied people. And then…she decided to risk it all and shape herself.
Written and performed by Carlye Windsor, a former graduate of U of A’s Augustana Faculty Drama program, and known most-notably for her role in Northern Light Theatre’s production of Fat Pig.
afterfat is Carlye’s first attempt at writing her own story; with dramaturgy by Sterling-award winner Jessica Peverett, stage management by Michelle Durocher, and directed by Sarah Van Tassel. The endearingly sassy Carlye Windsor will have you laughing, crying, and feeling all the feels.

Aug 13 (8:00PM), Aug 14 (12:30PM), Aug 17 (6:00PM), Aug 18 (10:30PM), Aug 20 (2:30PM), Aug 22 (4:30PM), Aug 23 (8:00PM)
Venue #3, Walterdale Theatre, 10322 83rd Ave
Tickets are $12 for Adults, $10 for Student/Seniors

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