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Auditions (Edmonton) The Grave Digger – And More Shenanigans Theatre

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Auditions (Edmonton) The Grave Digger – And More Shenanigans Theatre

Cemetery & snowAnd More Shenanigans Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our brand new musical, The Grave Digger! The Grave Digger will premiere at the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival from August 13- August 23.

About the Company

And More Shenanigans Theatre is dedicated to quirky original works. We develop shows from scratch and work with all kinds of artists. This will be our second original musical to premiere at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

About the Show

The Grave Digger follows a talented fine arts student who is unknowingly suffering from schizophrenia. Her best friend has recently died and she has been hearing and seeing her for about a month. This leads her to believe that she is a medium. Once her father kills someone in jail her symptoms become unbearable, destroying her relationships and greatly risking her career. The show will balance drama and comedy but will focus on real symptoms and issues surrounding schizophrenia.


Abby: Abby is a talented fine arts student unknowingly suffering from schizophrenia.

Annabelle: Is Abby’s deceased best friend and schizophrenic hallucination. She starts off very sweet but eventually becomes a terror and pushes Abby to her limits.

Dineen: Dineen is a strong, sarcastic fine arts student who manages to hide inappropriate content in all of her paintings. She is Abby’s close friend/roommate, and becomes confused and frustrated by Abby’s strange behaviour.

Clara: is a high strung, quirky fine arts student who never seems to get the recognition and marks she deserves. She is one of Abby’s good friends and is one of the first people to notice when Abby starts to close off.

Kim: is Abby’s mother. She is a strong, loving woman who is desperately trying to hold her family together. Her husband is in jail and she often has to deliver difficult news to her daughter.

Patricia: is an older woman who is terrified of birds. She believes she is able to communicate with the dead and convinces Abby that she has been given the same gift. Patricia is often aloof and light hearted, but she is stern in the advice she gives Abby. Patricia’s well meaning advice often leads Abby to her demise.

Vincent: is the main professor of the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta. His friend and colleague has opened a brand new art gallery and Vincent has arranged for the top student of his last year to receive a job at this gallery. Vincent is usually pretty tough on his students but he and Abby have developed a friend like relationship. When Abby’s sudden onset schizophrenia is triggered their relationship starts to disintegrate.

Mark: Is Abby’s long term boyfriend. Mark has had some bad experiences in the past and this has always affected their relationship. As Abby suffers more challenges Mark becomes increasingly more suspicious and frustrated.

Puck: Puck is an eccentric, enthusiastic fine arts student who seems unable to take direction. No matter how harsh the criticism he always seems to misunderstand and take it only as a compliment.

Billy: Is a disturbed schizophrenic hallucination. Once Abby digs up Billy’s grave for delusional reasons he and his many finger puppets continuously harass her to get back what is his.

This is a seven person cast so some roles will be double cast.

About the Audition
We are holding auditions for Actors, a Musical Director, and an Assistant Director
Auditions will be on Friday, May 8th from 7-9 in the basement of Workshop West. (11516 103 St NW).
Actors: Please prepare a monologue and a song from a musical theatre production. Please bring a back track in the form of a USB or CD. You may also be asked to read a side from the script.
Musical Director: Please bring a prepared musical theatre piano piece. We will provide a piano.
Assistant Director: You will be interviewed.

To inquire or book an audition/interview please email your resume to Erin at
If you are unable to make the audition on May 8th please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

Rehearsals will start on June 1st and be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 6:30PM-10:00PM.

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