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News (Calgary): Elephant Artist Relief announces Rebound Fund for artists

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News (Calgary): Elephant Artist Relief announces Rebound Fund for artists

Elephant-Artist-Relief-EARElephant Artist Relief Announces new REBOUND FUND:

EAR is pleased to announce a new fund available to Calgary-based individual artists in any discipline

Following the June 2013 flood in Calgary, Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild, an ad-hoc team of Alberta funding agencies, raised funds and distributed financial awards to individual artists and arts organizations. Besides the artists and organizations helped through the fund, an ongoing legacy fund was created.

Elephant Artist Relief (EAR) was invited by Alberta Arts Rebuild to take on the administration of this new fund. EAR is proud to fill this role. In addition to helping artists with emergency funding for over 7 years, EAR played a significant role in the early response to the flood with its own special flood emergency funding for artists, and became part of the umbrella Arts Rebuild fund. The new Rebound Fund carries that important work forward to continue to assist this city’s dedicated artists who make Calgary such a vibrant arts community. 

EAR builds on its experience as Calgary’s only emergency resource organization for visual artists, and is pleased to expand its ability to address the concerns of all Calgary artists for the life of this special project.  More information on deadlines and other parameters of the fund coming soon – watch for news on EAR’s website. 

Elephant Artist Relief Society (EAR) is a registered charity that provides practical resources to Calgary visual artists in order to help sustain their wellbeing and livelihood, contributing to a vibrant cultural community.

Under the tag line “Helping Artist BE Artists in Calgary,” EAR envisions a healthy arts community ensuring a continued and rich cultural landscape for us all.

For more information, please call Sandra Vida, EAR administrator, (403) 617-0701. 
EAR – #14 – 223 – 12 Avenue SW. Calgary AB T2R0G9
Elephant Artist Relief website: http://www.elephantartistrelief.com/

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