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Day: February 17, 2015

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Artstrek Memory: “1988 Like-Minded” – Angela

I currently live in Grande Prairie, Alberta and I teach English, Film Studies and Drama to some ragamuffin high school students at Charles Spencer High School. I attended Artstrek in 1988 and loved it so much that I went back in 1990 to study “Romeo and Juliet” as well as “West Side Story.” I’d love for people to know that having the opportunity to meet others who love Drama as much as you do can be life-affirming. Artstrek allowed me to be my true self and I was able to throw my whole heart and soul into something that I had only stifled so far. I tell my Drama students every year about this program in the hopes that one day one of them will go and come back changed like I did.

What’s On (Calgary): MARCHDAY! CABARET! – Theatre Transit

March is the new May Theatre Transit is thrilled to announce the early return of our fundraiser: the MARCHday! Cabaret! The (almost) annual cabaret is an evening of theatre, dance, music, comedy, puppets and so much more. It features the self-produced work of local emerging and professional artists from a

News (Calgary): Soulocentric Festival returns to Calgary

Soulocentric Contemporary Performance Showcase a Smorgasbord of Performing ArtsSoulocentric Festival returns with renewed focus on dance and physical theatre Calgary, AB—After 10 outstanding years, Calgary’s Soulocentric Festival returns as Soulocentric Contemporary Performance Showcase, featuring dynamic, contemporary dance by emerging and professional choreographers and performers. In 2015, the reinvented Soulocentric Contemporary

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