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What’s On (Edmonton): Birdie on the Wrong Bus – Promise Productions

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Edmonton): Birdie on the Wrong Bus – Promise Productions


Birdie on the Wrong Bus

by Ellen Chorley

Jan 20 – 25 at C103 – call 780-906-2365 for tix

Birdie is a girl, not a feathered beast!

But ever since she can remember, everyone has called fourth-grader Louise Reiner the nickname “Birdie.” That’s because she’s a perfectionist.

Well, it’s actually not because she’s a perfectionist, it’s because every time something goes wrong, Birdie makes a squeaking noise just like a bird! So when Birdie gets a failing grade on her “Why I Love Edmonton” assignment and then accidently hops on the wrong bus home, you can imagine the high notes Birdie is squealing from the back of the bus bound to Fort Road!

From Sterling-nominated playwright and Edmonton-native, Ellen Chorley, “Birdie on the Wrong Bus” is an all-out love letter to the little known parts of Edmonton inspired by the true story of when a “type A personality” took the wrong bus home.

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