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All Stages Magazine Winter 2014 – Theatre Technologies – out now!

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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All Stages Magazine Winter 2014 – Theatre Technologies – out now!

Since there has been a theatre, there have been stagecraft elements—theatre technologies—and over the centuries both have developed and evolved in lockstep, influencing and affecting one another.

~All Stages Editor, Frazer Andrews

The Winter 2014 edition of All Stages Magazine will be arriving in Theatre Alberta members’ mailboxes this week! In this issue, we take a look at different theatre technologies, both old and new, that the Alberta theatre community has explored and employed in its work around the province.

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Contributions for this issue include:

  • A chat with Jennie Esdale in Community Profile about Green Fools Theatre, puppetry, and Calgary’s new West Village Theatre.
  • Ann Salmonson outlines new technologies that could change the way costume designers and wardrobe artisans operate in The Cutting Edge?.
  • We found some unique examples of older stagecraft elements in the Bailey Theatre in Camrose and Fedorah Hall in Fedorah with the Antique Tech Roadshow.
  • In The Process, Jon Lachlan Stewart breaks down the technical elements of Surreal SoReal’s The Genius Code.
  • In Foils, we caught up with T. Erin Gruber and Matthew Waddell who tell us how they see the current state of lighting, projection, and sound design.
  • All Stages Technical Editor Scott Peters chats with industry professionals Paul Bezaire, Betty Hushlak, and Mike Takats on the use of ubiquitous—everyday—technologies in Q2Q.
  • And, in our Opinion feature, University of Lethbridge Props Master Steve Benson tells us how the recent trend of Makerspaces Can Help Theatre.

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