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What’s On (Calgary): Vincent: The Life of van Gogh – Spirit Fire Productions

What’s On (Calgary): Vincent: The Life of van Gogh – Spirit Fire Productions

Vincent by Morag Haysom
January 12 – 17, 2015
Monday through Saturday @7:30pm
Matinees Saturday @2:30pm
at the Joyce Doolittle Theatre, Pumphouse Theatre,
2140 Pumphouse Ave, Calgary
Tickets: $15.00 general admission
For tickets and more info visit:

A story of the artistic passion, complexity and incredible humanity of Vincent van Gogh. The relationships with his brother Theo and fellow artist Paul Gauguin give insight into the mind of a troubled genius who sought desperately, through the vibrancy of his painting, to touch the human soul.

“This new play by Morag Haysom endeavors to bring forth an alternate to the accepted assumption that Vincent Van Gogh’s death was a suicide. Haysom’s narrative draws us into the troubled mind of Vincent Van Gogh, who, having always felt he was living in the shadow of his namesake, his brother Vincent who died at birth, fell into an ever increasingly restless life of loose hours and looser women, and, descended into mental illness, his angry self-righteousness alienating him and eventually leading him to self-mutilation and the loss of his ear.
Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant artist and a deeply sensitive man who never lost his humanity. Perhaps his death was not a suicide. In Vincent, Morag Haysom’s well-rounded study of a complex human being makes for an intriguing play with a compelling theory.”

~Maryth Gilroy (Plank Magazine)

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