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News (Edmonton): Teatro la Quindicina announces 2015 Season

News (Edmonton): Teatro la Quindicina announces 2015 Season


Teatro la Quindicina has announced its 2015 season. As the company will be presenting in the ATB Arts Barns in 2015 while The Varscona Theatre undergoes renovations, the series has been reduced to four shows from its usual five. The company is offering all subscribers an opportunity to purchase next year’s subscriptions at a reduced price if they’re willing to buy SIGHT UNSEEN before January 1, 2015. Click here to subscribe.


Sleuth by Anthony Shaffer
May 28 – June 13
In this delicious war of wits, a celebrated mystery writer and a flinty young playboy sit down in a country manor house to have a polite conversation about the woman they both profess to love. Starring Julien Arnold and Mat Busby.

A World Premiere by Stewart Lemoine 
June 18 – July 4
A season of mystery and revelation continues apace with the tantalizing promise of Stewart Lemoine’s only new play for 2015. Starring Jeff Haslam and Rachel Bowron.

Hey, Countess! by Stewart Lemoine
August 14 – 29 (part of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival)
In this fleetly paced road trip of a play, a lawyer at loose ends with his own life sets out on a surprise transcontinental quest for consumer justice, accompanied by the unruffled assistant manager of a local multiplex cinema. Starring Andrew MacDonald-Smith, Mathew Hulshof, Jana O’Connor, and Davina Stewart.

The Hothouse Prince by Stewart Lemoine
October 1 – 17
An epic adventure of the Russian revolution, it tells the tale of the obscure young Prince Dmitri Romanov-Orsk who, expelled from his palace in 1917, makes his way across the world from Paris to rural Ontario, with the aid of three remarkable sisters. Starring Luc Tellier and Kendra Connor.

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