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Event (Calgary): Canadian Theatre Wiki Hackathon – EPCOR Centre for the Arts

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Event (Calgary): Canadian Theatre Wiki Hackathon – EPCOR Centre for the Arts

hackathon-logo On Saturday, November 15, there will be a gathering of theatre artists in local coffee shops, theatre lobbies, living rooms and online across Canada to collectively write our own known pieces of Canadian Theatre History into the website www.theatrewiki.ca. The event is called a Hackathon and anyone can participate.

The event is an initiative by The SpiderWeb Show out of Toronto who noticed that much of our theatre history (plays, award ceremonies, companies, indie ensembles, theatre magazines, critics, theatre journalists, interactive theatre) is not in the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia online. Here’s your chance to write in that history so there is an archived online record just like Wikipedia. Your work, the work of your colleagues, and the work you’ve seen live through the years is part of an important cultural history and now’s the chance to share that with the world. 

There will be a meeting of Calgary theatre artists taking part in the Hackathon from 11-2pm Saturday Nov 15th at Epcor Centre on the 2nd floor seating area in centre court. We will be using Epcor Centre wifi. Drop by for 10 minutes, one hour or all 3 hours and write in the history you know about Canadian theatre – including the history that you’ve contributed to. It’s an easy to learn Wikipedia-style entry system and there will be people there to help if there are questions. 

If you can’t join us on Saturday, you can still write in the history that needs to be written. Just visit http://spiderwebshow.ca/hackathon for full instructions or go directly to the website: www.theatrewiki.ca and sign up for free. 

Please forward this email on to your theatre friends and enthusiasts so we can all participate in recording our cultural theatre history in this country.  

The Wiki is currently open to entry and even though we are trying to facilitate a cross-canada event this Saturday, this will be on ongoing initiative that needs as much help as possible and will only be successful through word of mouth. 

Click here for more information about Hackathon (PDF).

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