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Class (Edmonton): Introduction to Film Acting – Steve Dhillon

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Class (Edmonton): Introduction to Film Acting – Steve Dhillon


The class will go through a beginners approach to tackling a scene and reading for an audience/camera, which should be the goal of any actor regardless of his/her experience. The class will be facilitated by an experienced actor who has worked locally and internationally and has instructed adults at the University level for 8 years.

We will be covering the following subjects in detail over the span of several weeks (depending on avail. of participants)

The ‘Business’ of acting

– General information on what you need to know about the industry
– The advantage of NEVER Giving up your day job
– Why you absolutely CAN succeed in theatre and film being based out of Edmonton, AB
– How independent and studio projects are cast and auditioned
– Skype sessions and advice from actors/directors who are full time in the industry
– The benefits and drawbacks of working as an extra
– How to get an agent
– How to recognize the fakes and snakes that the industry is full of!

The Process

– The real truths and difficulties you may encounter through the auditioning process
– The many different ways to approach analyzing a scene
– The simple and difficult idea of “letting go”
– The difference between theatre and film
– The tedious and nerve racking auditioning process and how to tackle it
– Physical, Emotional and Mental approach to acting and auditioning
– Why you can never get it right, but definitely get it wrong.
– The final project for the class will consist of a mock audition modeled after the real
process with a casting director in the room to give notes and feedback following.

Facilitated by Steve Dhillon, an award nominated actor, full ACTRA and EQUITY Union Member.

Location TBA but will plan for 3-4 week intro program at 1-2 times a week. For more information about the class and your facilitator, please respond with email to To maximize quality of sessions, we would like to limit class size to maximum 10 participants

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