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News (Edmonton): Catalyst Theatre announces return of Joey Tremblay for Elephant Wake production

News (Edmonton): Catalyst Theatre announces return of Joey Tremblay for Elephant Wake production

The iconic story about home returns to the place it was first created

Elephant_WakeElephant Wake

Written and Performed by Joey Tremblay
Direction and Production Design by Bretta Gerecke
90 minutes with no intermission 

One of Catalyst Theatre’s seminal productions returns, a homecoming for the formidable Joey Tremblay, past co-Artistic Director of Catalyst with Jonathan Christenson. This iconic story about family and the power of memory returns to the Catalyst stage where it was first developed in 1996. In 2008, Joey was commissioned by The Globe Theatre in Regina to create a full-lenght two hour version of the production. Currently, he is revisiting the script once more bringing a 90 minute rendition of the new production to Edmonton. 

Set in the fictional Saskatchewan community of Ste. Vierge, this riveting and touching story illuminates the thoughts, fears and memories of Jean Claude, its last inhabitant. As he reminisces about growing up in the small rural Francophone town, he escapes into a world of dream like images, masterfully weaving in and out of the characters that coloured his past, and haunt his present. This piece of exquisite story telling examines the conflict of nostalgia and progress, as Jean Claude struggles to keep his culture and his family alive.   

The original version of Elephant Wake was premiered and produced by Catalyst Theatre in 1996, co-authored by Joey Tremblay and Jonathan Christenson. A full-length production of Elephant Wake by Joey Tremblay was commissioned by the Globe Theatre and premiered in February 2008.  

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