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News (Calgary): Dirty Laundry introduces Young Company

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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News (Calgary): Dirty Laundry introduces Young Company

In celebration of our 15th season of Improvised Soap Opera hilarity, Dirty Laundry is thrilled to announce our brand new young company,

Dirty Laundry – The Next Generation!

dirtylaundryyoungcompanyProfessional performers from the Dirty Laundry company will be mentoring some of Calgary’s emerging young improvisers, giving them an opportunity to hone their skills in a professional environment. Dirty Laundry —The Next Generation will perform monthly on Sunday nights starting October 5th.

The setting for DLTNG Season 1:

In the distant future aboard a massive space station in the middle of nowhere, lives a motley mix of crew and civilians, parents and children, humans and aliens, friends and enemies. Far from earth, the inhabitants of this outpost at the edge of the Galaxy must find a way to coexist. But with the rivalries, the crushes, the backstabbing, and the occasional zero-gravity emergency, how will they do it?

Introducing the cast of DLTNG!

Madi Blondal
Griffin Cork
Malik Elassal
Ellis Lalonde
Daegan Manns
Keelan McAuley
Kristi McQuade
Anni Ramsay
Simon Rock
Curtis Wilson
Jane Wishart
Kiana Wu

Josh Bertwistle
Chris Enright
Karen Johnson-Diamond
Julie Orton
Stafford Perry
Trevor Rueger

All DLTNG performances will take place at Lunchbox Theatre at the base of the Calgary tower. Tickets are $16 for adults, $10 for students and are available here:

More information can be found at
or by calling 403 701 1284

Performance Dates

Oct. 5 – Episode 1
Nov. 9 – Episode 2
Dec. 7 – Episode 3
Feb. 8 – Episode 4
Mar. 15 – Episode 5
April 12 – Episode 6
May 3 – Episode 7

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