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Workshop (Calgary) KJD’s Safe and Secure Sanctuary of Warm and Fuzzy Improvisation

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Workshop (Calgary) KJD’s Safe and Secure Sanctuary of Warm and Fuzzy Improvisation

fuzzy-improvKJD’s Safe and Secure Sanctuary of Warm and Fuzzy Improvisation

Sunday, September 21, 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Cost: $60
Lunchbox Rehearsal Hall – 4th Floor, Tower Centre.

Are you terrified of improvising? Have you had a bad experience in the past? Have you never, ever, ever had any improv training? Then you will love this workshop. I’ll keep you warm and cozy, and cuddle you through some beginner/basic improv. I really CAN take the pressure off; lots of great group work where you can learn technique without the stress of ‘perform and make everyone laugh!”. Take some tentative baby steps with me and I’ll hold your hand. And remember, I spend a lot of my year teaching grade school students, which means everyone gets a ribbon at the end!

WHO’S a good improviser?…..WHO’s a good improviser! YOU ARE! Yes you are! Oh yes you are!

Karen Johnson-Diamond is a professional actor, improviser and instructor, and is the Co-producer of Calgary’s Completely Live, Completely Improvised Comedy Soap Opera. Karen has appeared with improv companies such as DieNasty in Edmonton, Calgary’s Improv Guild, Obviously Improv and The Kinknonauts. Karen also teaches improvisation at the University of Calgary, has instructed with Quest Theatre’s Artist in Residency program for 20 years, and is the Administrative Director of Theatre Alberta’s ARTSTREK, a summer drama camp for teens.

For more info call 403-701-1284
Register here: www.dirtylaundrycalgary.com/season_13/workshop.html

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