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What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): Stephen Sondheim’s The Frogs – No Tomatoes Theatre

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What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): Stephen Sondheim’s The Frogs – No Tomatoes Theatre

No Tomatoes Theatre brings Sondheim's little known musical "The Frogs" to the Edmonton Fringe
No Tomatoes Theatre brings Sondheim’s little known musical “The Frogs” to the Edmonton Fringe

The Frogs

No Tomatoes Theatre presents Stephen Sondheim’s adaptation of Aristophanes’ “The Frogs” at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival! Venue #49, Campus St. Jean Auditorium

The time is the present. The place is Ancient Greece.Sick and tired of the citizens of the world being complacent, lazy and dispassionate, Dionysus – (demi) God of Wine and Drama- sets out on a quest to bring back George Bernard Shaw back from Hades to write a new play that will inspire people to hope and take action. With the aid of his hapless slave, Xanthias, Dionysus encounters a colourful cast of characters and braves muck, mire and frogs to save the people from themselves.

Expect fashionable heroes, homoerotic undertones, a big fat doobius, wine-fuelled orgies, a battle of the Bards and of course…FROGS!

Friday, August 15: 3PM
Saturday, August 16: 1PM & 7:30PM
Sunday, August 17: 1PM
Wednesday, August 20: 7:30PM
Thursday, August 21: 7:30PM
Friday, August 22: 4PM & 8PM
Sunday, August 24: 1PM

Directed by Lauren Boyd
Music Direction by Michael Clark
Choreography by Quinn Dooley
Assistant Director: Vlady Peychoff
Assistant Music Director: Keat Machtemes

Featuring a talented cast of young theatre professionals:

Andrew Boyd as Dionysus
Dylan Rosychuk as Xanthias
Maxwell Lebeuf as Herakles/Shakespeare/Virilla the Amazon
Rory Turner as Shaw/ Pluto
Vlady Peychoff as Charon/ Aeakos
Kelsey Visscher as Ariadne
Molly MacKinnon as Charisma

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