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Auditions / Call for Submissions (Calgary): The Bone House – Simon Mallett

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Auditions / Call for Submissions (Calgary): The Bone House – Simon Mallett

bonehouseCALL FOR COLLABORATORS – “The Bone House” by Marty Chan

Hey Calgary theatre artists,

My name is Simon Mallett and I’m the Artistic Director of Downstage and I also work as a freelance director around town. In an effort to give Calgary theatregoers a terrifying Halloween experience and to work with some exciting new collaborators, I’m looking to mount a production of The Bone House this fall in the Motel Theatre in the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts. I’m seeking some passionate and enthusiastic theatre artists to come with me on this journey as we produce this spine-chilling play. If you might be interested, please read on!

The show will run in the Motel Theatre from October 21st to November 1st, 2014, and for audiences, it promises to be one of the scariest experiences they’ll ever have in a theatre. Part of the reason I’m doing this show is to get to work with people I haven’t had the good fortune to work with before, and so I’m seeking some key team members right away and will be holding auditions to cast the show later in August. So what’s the show about you ask? Well…

SHOW SYNOPSIS: Self-proclaimed mind hunter, Eugene Crowley, presents a lecture about serial killers including Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and the Midnight Cowboy, who is currently at-large. As he delves deeper into the material and questions the public’s infatuation with the killers, Crowley’s own violent streak begins to show, and his relationship with his assistant Jacob becomes strained.

When Crowley introduces Gabrielle, the only witness to survive one of Midnight Cowboy’s attacks, tensions hit a peak and Crowley reveals his true intentions in a genuinely terrifying conclusion that is guaranteed to have the audience screaming. This chilling play by Edmonton’s Marty Chan is a psychological experiment about the nature of fear, imagination, and deification of serial killers.

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: My plan is to produce the show under the Equity Artists’ Collective Policy, which means those involved can be Equity or non-Equity. Payment is divided among the artists at the end of the process, so while there’s no money up front, the hope is that it will be a wicked experience and a terrifying show that, at Halloween time, can attract an audience (and result in a bit of money for involved artists). As I said, I’m also seeking new collaborators, so that I can get to know the work of other artists, which is always useful knowledge for future projects too!

The show will rehearse primarily in the evenings and on weekends starting in early September. The team members I’m looking for right away are:

  • An Associate Director/Producer: Someone to help run rehearsals and work with me to direct the show, while also taking on some producing responsibilities.
  • A Set/Costume/Lighting Designer: This can be one person or a couple, depending on areas of expertise. Design needs are minimal, but there’s room for play, for sure.
  • A Stage Manager: To keep us organized and help run the show (and to help us make people scream night after night).

If you’re interested in working on the show in one of these capacities, please with a statement of interest and a sense of your experience in that area. Ideally, I’m hoping to have these roles filled by August 8th.

CAST & AUDITIONS: Auditions will take place August 14th & 15th. Interested actors, please email your headshot and resume to with a statement of interest and your availability on the audition dates.

  • Eugene Crowley (M): Self proclaimed mind-hunter, a disturbing passion for information about serial killers. 30s-50s.
  • Jacob (M): Eugene’s well-meaning assistant. 20s-30s.
  • Gabrielle (F): A freightened young woman who survived the killer’s attack (20s-30s).

Thanks in advance for your interest. If you have any questions, please email or send me a message via Facebook.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested, and I look forward to sharing the show with everyone at the end of October. Cheers!

Please Note: This is not a Downstage show. Although I’m directing it and it’s taking place in the Motel, it’s purely a side project for me – an opportunity to work on a piece I love and a chance to collaborate with new artists. I hope you’ll join me!

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