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Audition (Edmonton / Alberta) – Female Voice Actors for video game characters – Simple Connections

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Audition (Edmonton / Alberta) – Female Voice Actors for video game characters – Simple Connections

CollageGeneral Information

Audition Information Page – Click here

We are very excited to be looking to audition voice actors (primarily female) for an upcoming indie game called Lyaria. The right audition will be extremely expressive and lively, bring a lot of energy to the roles – even the subdued ones. All characters will exude confidence and strength, but all will have their unique way of showing it.

The game takes place in a city called Lyaria – a Sleepy Hollow meets old London type city where everyone seems to be motivated by vices and self-interest (think prohibition-era Chicago meets Las Vegas). The inhabitants of Lyaria fall into two main categories, Fein and Urich.

For more information regarding the world and characters, please read our overview PDF and follow the links at the bottom to either of the two races:

Lyaria Overview – click here

Character Information / Audition Lines

If you want to jump right to it, these are the character descriptions along with some lines we’d like to hear you read for your audition. However, we’d like to emphasize that you are more than free to make up your own lines for the character – the more creative we feel you are, the better the chances we will use you for the game. That can be shown either through your vivid potrayal of the character and all the little subtleties that make their personality really shine through in the voice acting, or truly taking the character and making it your own with your own direction and speech / lines.

Submission – A phone recording is fine, and any file format is works but WAV, MP3s and M4As are preferred.  Submit to 

Lyria Female Characters Overview and Lines – click to view PDF

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