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News (Edmonton): Northern Light Theatre announces 2014-2015 season

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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News (Edmonton): Northern Light Theatre announces 2014-2015 season


Congratulations to Northern Light Theatre on the announcement of its 2014/2015 season (details below). Also, congratulations to Gina Moe, who was announced as NLT’s new General Manager.

Girls / Boys // Boys / Girls

Northern Light Theatre’s 2014-2015 season will challenge audiences with plays on the tipping point. Hailed as “one of Edmonton theatre’s most consistently surprising little companies,” and known for producing provocative, unique and innovative work, all three plays in the upcoming season include discussions surrounding gender, transgender and gender norms.

SPACE // SPACE by Jason Craig
November 21- November 29, 2014 (Preview November 20) 
PCL Studio in the ATB Financial Arts Barns 10330-84 Avenue

“I wake up as a girl. With girl bits and pieces. And you tell me to just ignore it? I used to be your brother.” -Penryn

Brothers Lumus and Penryn have been shot out into space as specimens of the past. In the three years they’ve been afloat, Lumus has stayed awake to perfect his stand-up routine and Penryn has been in a deep sleep. Now Penryn is awake and things have… shifted. Penryn has girl parts and Lumus’ teeth are rapidly falling out. How can they be specimens of the past if things have changed so drastically?

THE PINK UNICORN by Elise Forier Edie 
February 20-February 28, 2015 (Preview February 19) 
PCL Studio in the ATB Financial Arts Barns 10330-84 Avenue

“How on God’s green earth can you be both a boy and a girl?” – Trisha Lee

Trisha Lee, a Christian widow living in a small Texas town, finds herself grappling with fear, confusion and ostracism when her teenage daughter announces she is “gender queer” and is starting a chapter of the Gay and Straight Alliance at the local high school. When the school principal rejects the GSA’s application for inclusion as a school club, Trisha must choose sides in her rapidly dividing town.

May 1-May 10, 2015 (Preview April 30) 
Westbury Theatre in the ATB Financial Arts Barns 10330-84 Avenue 
Presented as part of the Fringe Theatre Adventures Arts at the Barns Series

“We both know that I want to be a man and you want to be a woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to play head games.” –Christina

Queen Christina of Sweden, who dressed and lived as a man, and Philippe, the Duc D’Orleans and brother to King Louis XIV, who dressed as a woman, are locked in a battle of wits and wills. Christina/ Philippe by Per Brask is a sensory event made up of a mixture of music, live singing, and verbatim interviews culminating to answer the ultimate question- “Do you dare to be who you really are?”

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