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What’s On (Edmonton): Pacific Time by David Haas – Graffiti Mix One-Act Festival

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What’s On (Edmonton): Pacific Time by David Haas – Graffiti Mix One-Act Festival

Pacific Time by David Haas - Polly (Leah Beaudry) and Grant (Joel Dinocola)

Pacific Time by David Haas – Polly (Leah Beaudry) and Grant (Joel Dinocola)

Theatre Alberta member David Haas’s latest play Pacific Time is being staged as part of the Graffiti Mix One-Act Festival taking place in Edmonton on July 12 & 13. This will be David’s seventh staged production, and is one of four plays being presented at the festival.

Graffiti Mix Arts Collective is a Edmonton group of talented young thespians beginning to make a mark on the local theatre scene. This year’s event follows the festival’s successful launch in 2013. The festival will take place in the Concordia University College theatre at 7128 Ada Boulevard. Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for seniors or students, tickets at the door. All four plays will run on Saturday July 12 commencing at one o’clock in the afternoon and again at seven in the evening, then on Sunday July 13 at two o’clock in the afternoon. Each play runs about 30 – 45 minutes.

Rachel Whipple directs Pacific Time, a science-fiction time travel story. The style is realistic, though with humorous streaks. Two young people are inside a cafe sipping coffee while awaiting the owner’s justly renowned pastries. Polly is a fledgling Victoria writer, eagerly composing the Great Canadian Novel. Grant is an Alberta provincial government “suit”. They met at the cafe a couple of months earlier. Both had originally spotted a sign outside proclaiming “sticky buns to die for.” Romance beckons. But they came in by different doors – for the unusual cafe bridges fifty years between 1964 and 2014, and six hundred miles between Victoria and Edmonton! And when the play begins only one of the twosome knows about the cafe’s unique nature. Complications arise as awareness dawns in the other, while their relationship blooms.

Nicole Companyitsev’s Narrator Syndrome is a comedic fantasy in which a young man is constantly pursued by a mysterious, invisible person who is narrating his life, while his potential girlfriend might be a cultist.

Debt by Brittni Ann Carey is a realist drama exploring societal frustrations and hidden tragedies as two people must confront the attempted suicide of a mutual friend while also having to cope with their own problems in life.

Zach Supina’s Sprites is another comedic fantasy in which Digit, a faerie passionate about videogames, goes for the ultimate hack – getting inside her favourite game. Her chaotic magic yields unexpected results.

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