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Auditions (Edmonton): MFA Thesis Project – April/May 2015 – University of Alberta

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Edmonton): MFA Thesis Project – April/May 2015 – University of Alberta

MFA Thesis Project – April/May 2015

Call for actors and theatre practioners with American Sign Language skills for a production of Nina Raine’s “Tribes” at Studio Theatre which will be the final project of my MFA in Directing at the University of Alberta.

Casting – Equity welcome, not all roles (6 actors total) will be able to be monetarily compensated. Email for details.

Male early 20s – an actor who is hearing-impaired, or has personal connection to the deaf community. Needs to be able to speak and preferably to sign using ASL.

The character is a young man who was born with a severe hearing impairment and grown up in a hearing family. He is taught how to lip read and speak but not to sign. The play tells the story of his family and the deaf community and his struggle to belong in both “tribes”.

Female early 20s – an actress who has some experience (ideal if fluent) with ASL.

The actress needs to be able to speak clearly; has grown up hearing but is becoming deaf during the time period of the play.

Theatre and ASL Practioners
The production is an MFA thesis project that will need some additional volunteer support to make it happen. Since the play deals with the deaf community and the idea of communication it needs to have accessibility as well as some consultation with experts on the use of ASL in the production. We are looking to assemble a group of people willing to assist in making this project successful.

ASL Interpreter
The play calls for some lines to be translated from English into ASL. These lines may need to be taught to the actors playing the roles. Time during and prior to rehearsals will be needed.

Rehearsal Interpreter
There is a potential need for this person if we have an actor or actors who are profoundly deaf.
The run of the play will also need interpretation for a minimum of two of the ten performances. It would be amazing to have interpretation for all of the performances but we’re not sure if we can do it at this point. This will likely need at least 2 interpreters per performance. Time in rehearsal will be needed to prepare. Great experience for people interested in pursuing theatrical interpretation.

People with ASL skill, varying levels.

If you are interested in being a part of this consulting/support team please let me know. At this point, we are looking for interested parties to make this amazing play come to life!

Contact Amanda Bergen at Please use the subject: “Thesis Project interest”

I will be happy to answer any questions about the production via email as well and am happy to meet face to face with people interested in participating.

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