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Audition (Calgary/ Drumheller): Male leads – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Audition (Calgary/ Drumheller): Male leads – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Canadian Badlands Passion PlayAUDITION NOTICE: Male Leads for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is looking for Actor submissions for their upcoming summer production, ‘The Book of John.’ We need male actors between the ages of 18 and 70 for various speaking and singing roles.

Produced by: The Canadian Badlands Passion Play Society
Starring: Brian Jensen, Aaron Krogman and Peter Church.
Rehearsals Run: WEEKENDS ONLY – May 22nd – July 10th
Shows run: July 11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26,27 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

The Script:

Based in pre-Christian Jerusalem the play focuses on the Disciple Johns version of Jesus life, his miracles and his teachings. On his journey Jesus recruits many young Disciples who follow his teachings and get embroiled in the confrontations between Jesus, the people and the Ruling Hierarchy of the Jewish temple. His direct confrontations and opposing teachings lead to run-ins with ambitious Temple Guards and priests looking to make a name for themselves with the hierarchy of Synagogue. There are many miracles and passionate interactions as well as confrontations with angry crowds and zealous followers before the Eventual arrest and forced Roman Trial leading to Jesus‚ inevitable execution on the cross. This is an epic, one of a kind, play of massive proportion. It is staged on a Massive outdoor set recreating ancient Jerusalem, with more than 200 performers, 30 crew, live animals and musicians.

Available Roles:

JESUS UNDERSTUDY: (18-30) The rightful heir to the created world arrives on earth to find his creation does not recognize him. As he seeks to restore an ancient kingdom, he must confront the cultural power sources of his time and the age-old human condition. Stage combat experience essential.

ENOSH: (18 – 30) Blind man healed by Jesus who is pulled before the Jewish tribunal to stand as witness to Jesus’ evil ways. He stands up to the whole of Jewish Court and is beaten and abused before being banished and physically thrown from the synagogue. He moves to become a disciple of Jesus and when confronted by the Jewish military police he fights to keep Jesus from their hands and is brutally used as an example to the masses of the futility of following Jesus and his ways. Dialogue and physical action. 5 or 6 scenes. (All Ethnicities)

ABNER: (30 – 60) A high ranking Jewish priest and second in Command to the Dark Pharisee Abner is sent to follow and account for all of Jesus’ failings and crimes. Un-expectantly he is over come by the belief that because of his great powers Jesus must be the Messiah or the son of God incarnate. Unable to reconcile this truth with his strongly held beliefs of God Abner struggles through the play fighting with himself and the others within the Temple. Before affronting the Dark Pharisee with his beliefs and being executed for them. Dialogue and Singing, 7 or 8 scenes. (All Ethnicities)

HEAD TEMPLE GUARD: (24 – 45) The leader of the Temple guards, he is responsible for finding and arresting Jesus to stand trial. Through direct interaction and personal encounters with Jesus he chooses to ignore his orders and let Jesus free. This mistake cost him his rank and status which he is not ready for. He works to regain his status through the favor of the Dark Pharisee and despite an internal conflict he is used as the tool to strike fear into the masses through brutal violence and aggression. Dialogue and Physical Action. 7 to 8 Scenes. (All Ethnicities)

NICODEMUS: (Late 40‚s to 70‚s) Nicodemus is an elder teacher in the Temple. Calming and contemplative Nicodemus seeks out Jesus personally to understand his teachings and his powers. When the temple heats up with debate Nicodemus is always right in the middle of it working to calm it down and keep it honest. A secretive and personal follower of the teachings of Jesus, Nicodemus interacts strongly with Jesus and the Temple leaders throughout the play. Large blocks of Dialogue and numerous scenes (All ethnicities)

JUDAS : (mid 30‚s ˆ 60‚s) Judas is an epic Character known the world around. A convert to the words of Jesus and ultimately one of his disciples Judas is a temple sympathizer and more interested in the physical aspects of the Kingdom of heaven than the ephemeral ones. Constantly trying to move Jesus into the physical role of the ŒKing of the Jews‚, Judas is disappointed and chooses to deceive his lord to the temple in exchange for earthly approval and a bag of silver. Dialogue and strong physicality. Role has a lot of movement and running, actors submitted must be physically capable. (All ethnicities)

Other roles are also available. We are looking for a variety of male roles (including disciples and Teachers of the Law)

Deadline for submissions is April 28th

Calgary and Drumheller Auditions: early May

Submit headshots and resumes to for Audition Times and Sides.

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