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What’s On (Calgary): CABARET BRISE-JOUR (SHATTERED CABARET) – Theatre Junction GRAND

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What’s On (Calgary): CABARET BRISE-JOUR (SHATTERED CABARET) – Theatre Junction GRAND

"…Find whatever means possible to see this group live."

“…Find whatever means possible to see this group live.”



L’Orchestre D’Hommes-Orchestres (Quebec)

The Music of Kurt Weill


Presented by Theatre Junction

April 9-12, 2014


Originally founded as a music ensemble in 2002 in Quebec City, L’Orchestre D’Hommes-Orchestres came to be over the course of various projects which catapulted innovation into a makeshift interdisciplinary workshop. The ensemble’s raw productions take on a unique role as they transform the music concert genre into ‘music that can be seen’, with a raw vigor and captivating stage presence. Having previously performed their enigmatic take on the music of Tom Waits to sold out crowds at Theatre Junction GRAND, L’Orchestre D’Hommes Orchestres are back to take on the music of another outsider genius – Kurt Weill, the great composer who collaborated with Bertolt Brecht on The Threepenny Opera, and fled Germany in 1933 to France then eventually New York. In a Franco-German-English mix, the eight musicians-singers-actors revive the horrors of war, the lights of Broadway and the cozy atmosphere of music halls.

In Cabaret brise-jour, L’Orchestre D’Hommes Orchestres freely interpret the music of Weill, infusing his songs with everything from punk rock to hip hop territory. Their 8-man/woman orchestra, emerges from a jumble of timeless bric-à-brac and dips into the best and worst of the human condition. From Berlin cabaret and Parisian nostalgia to New York’s Broadway, L’Orchestre D’Hommes Orchestres retraces the path of this musician in exile with rare instruments and “music-objects” that conjure up Weill’s dramatic and musical world. Superimposed over the music are fanciful and surrealist images concocted by the group to create surprising tableaux vivants, at once strange and fascinating, at the boundaries of theatre, cabaret, visual art and performance.

“…Find whatever means possible to see this group live.” – Avenue Magazine

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