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Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Calgary): The Calgary Region One Act Play Festival – The Pumphouse Theatre/ ADFA

What’s On (Calgary): The Calgary Region One Act Play Festival – The Pumphouse Theatre/ ADFA


Calgary’s most popular one-act play festival will be gracing the stage at the Pumphouse Theatre once again this March. The Calgary Region One-Act Festival, of the Alberta Drama Festival Association, has been held at the Pumphouse Theatre for well over a decade and this year is no different!

Pieces range from collectives to new works, from comedy to unique and unforgettable performances …and that’s just the first night! Different plays will be showcased over the 3 nights, each one vying for top honors and …a chance to compete at the Provincial Festival in May. Each night, following the performances an adjudicator speaks to the audience about their thoughts on the work that night.

Thursday March 27, 2014
Carnage Club – Blitz:
Bored with the same old war games and horror movies? Want to see live murder right in front of you without any consequences? Well the Blitz Carnage Club can give you just that. This club has the technology to perform murderous scenes for your viewing pleasure without breaking any laws. Although running this type of club seems like a great new idea it turns out to be much more work than imagined.

Runaway Cat Productions – The Health Inspector:
This short one act comedy about the Riverhorn Café, a small lunch spot noted in town for their rave food reviews and their perfect inspections. At least that’s what they say. One faithful day everything you can imagine does wrong: customers showing up too early, the owner hides from his problems, health inspector shows up and the staff keeps fighting with each other. That seems pretty normal in a restaurant, right? You may be surprised!

Friday March 28, 2014
A Spark Extinguished
Tesla, Twain and Morgan meet in death to revisit the events surrounding the Wardenclyffe Tower project in 1901. The inventor’s tower promises to advance mankind a century, but threatens the banker’s societal ideals of order and control. A writer carefully tries to convey the truth while keeping two bitter foes at bay.

The Nut House – Pistachio Crumble: The Chronicle of a Series of Ancient Capers
Along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea a long while ago, there existed a fantastic civilization known as the Great Pistachio Empire. It was called so because it controlled most of the world pistachio supply, which was at the time the world’s currency. Chaos consumes this extravagant empire when a revolutionary tried to free the people from their moderately tyrannical, totally imbecilic ruler and his scheming advisor by orchestrating the single largest pistachio heist of all time.

Saturday March 29, 2014
The Russian Theatre Foundation – The Tiger
The Tiger by Murray Schisgal is a romantic comedy about a lonely, unsuccessful man who kidnaps a woman in an attempt at control in his life. Turns out she’s dissatisfied with her life too. Who is the Tiger? I wouldn’t make a bet!

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