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All Stages Online: Spring 2014 – My Ah Ha! Moment – Thank you Dad by Pam McCormack

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All Stages Online: Spring 2014 – My Ah Ha! Moment – Thank you Dad by Pam McCormack


In January, Theatre Alberta put out a call for submissions for our Ah Ha! Moment writing contest. We asked the community to share personal discoveries that resulted from their theatre training. We were so touched by the results! We selected several entries to be published in the Spring 2014 issue of All Stages magazine, and drew one name to receive a free one-year Theatre Alberta membership.

We were unable to include Pam McCormack‘s story in All Stages, but she did win the Theatre Alberta membership draw. And, it’s such a lovely story, which takes place in Ireland (!), we thought what better to share online than Pam’s Ah-Ha! moment on St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy!

The year was 1970 and I was 12 years old living in a small community in the south of Ireland. My father was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper when he said, “we just have to do something to help these poor flood victims in Asia. We’ll put on a play and donate the money through the church.”

The play was Tiresome Tommy – a play my father was in when he was in school. He gathered the cast of children together and gave us all a part to play. My part, as the maid of the house, was a comedic role. I learned my lines and felt so grownup in my costume. The fundraiser night finally arrived and the play was a huge success. Before the curtain went up, I felt so nervous but as soon as I got on stage something came over me and the nerves disappeared. I became Rose the maid and the audience response—their laughter—was intoxicating, I inhaled the feeling. Once you get that feeling you can never stop, this was my Ah Ha moment thanks to my wonderful father.

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