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Job (Edmonton/ Calgary): 1st Assistant Director – Independent Short Film

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Job (Edmonton/ Calgary): 1st Assistant Director – Independent Short Film

fOR-AUDITIONSProduction title: If You Love Your Children
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project Length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project Format: 1920×1080 (Full High Definition), Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Production Location: Edmonton/Calgary
Director: Sanjay Patel
Producer: Sanjay Patel
Compensation: Yes
Email: sanjaybagadia23@hotmail.com

A young man loses everything but finds himself, when his fight against climate change consumes his life.

Raj Camarta has it all, a great job, a beautiful wife, a comfortable home, but he is haunted by the loss of his parents in a natural disaster fuelled by climate change. He begins a crusade to educate the world and in so doing destroys his marriage, loses his home and his livelihood. Raj finds his commitment to be stronger than his desires and ultimately rises above his loses to realize his dream.

1st Assistant Director (Roles & Responsibilities)

• Before production begins, the 1st AD will work with the director to break down the script into a shot-by-shot ‘storyboard’ and decide the order of shooting
• Prepares a shooting schedule, taking into account the director’s creative ideas and the available budget

During filming, the 1st AD is responsible for:

o Making sure that filming stays on schedule
o Coordinating all production activity
o Motivating the cast and crew.
o Produce each day’s call sheet (a list of timings and everything that is needed for the next day’s shoot)
o Act as the link between the set and the production office
o Distribute call sheets, so that all cast and crew know exactly when they are needed on set
o Deal with paperwork and organize transport and hotels
o Make sure that all cast members are in make-up or wardrobe or on set at the right time
o Find and supervise the extras. Make sure the extras are on set at the right time and place. Prepare and cue the extras, and may direct the action in background crowd scenes.

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