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What’s On (Edmonton): LEO – L’UniThéâtre

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What’s On (Edmonton): LEO – L’UniThéâtre

LeoL E O
(Movement based – NO TEXT)


February 12th to 16th, 2014

• Rating – General – young and young at heart
• Trailer:

Imagine that the laws of gravity lose their way and completely change the rules of the game… Drawn from this premise, LEO, produced by German company« Circle of Eleven » pulls a falsely ordinary man in an implausible adventure which shakes our perception of reality and dazzles our senses.

Give gravity just a quarter turn twist and you become awkward, yet magical. Leo lives in that disoriented world. No matter how hard he tries, for him the floor is an unknowable normalcy. Simply standing up without leaning on the wall? Impossible! On the other hand, he can clamber along the wall like an agile monkey. With an admirable determination, he rummages through his suitcase, looking for ways to enjoy life and feel less alone.

Here, magic doesn’t hide its trick, but that makes it even more mind-bending. While the actor performs to the right of the stage, a camera slanted to 90 degrees projects his full-sized image to the left of the stage. You will be confused, amused and impressed by this deftly executed physical theatre and its exploration of the absurd in our right-side up world.

Acrobat actor Tobias Wegner brilliantly plays this character confined to a room with only the company of a small suitcase. Slowly but surely taming this upside-down world, the man chooses to defy gravity of the situation by exploring all the new possibilities offered to him. Carried by this jubilation, he performs a multitude of physical prowess and demonstrates treasures of inventiveness which are true indicators of the dreams and desires within him.

Director : Daniel Brière
Original idea and interpretation : Tobias Wegner
Artistic Production : Gregg Parks
Production : Circle of Eleven (Berlin)
A presentation by NTE

Stage Manager and lighting : Flavia Hevia
Video : Heiko Kalmbach
Animation : Ingo Panke
Costumes : Heather MacCrimmon
Choreography : Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola
Presented with support of Goethe-Institute

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