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Auditions (Calgary/ Edmonton): If You Love Your Children – Independent Short Film

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Auditions (Calgary/ Edmonton): If You Love Your Children – Independent Short Film

Thanks for your interest – this project is now completed.

fOR-AUDITIONSProduction title: If You Love Your Children
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project Length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project Format: 1920×1080 (Full High Definition), Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Production Location: Edmonton
Audition Location: Calgary and Edmonton
Director: Sanjay Patel
Producer: Sanjay Patel
Casting Director: TBC
Compensation: Yes

Key Dates

Audition dates: February 15 – 18, 2014
Shooting Start Date: Third week of April 2014 (date to be confirmed)
Shooting End Date: Fourth week of April 2014 (date to be confirmed)

A young man loses everything but finds himself, when his fight against climate change consumes his life.

Raj Camarta has it all, a great job, a beautiful wife, a comfortable home, but he is haunted by the loss of his parents in a natural disaster fuelled by climate change. He begins a crusade to educate the world and in so doing destroys his marriage, loses his home and his livelihood. Raj finds his commitment to be stronger than his desires and ultimately rises above his loses to realize his dream.

Character Bios:

Raj Camarta (MALE, 25-40 Years, East Indian/Indo-Canadian), $150/Day
The loss of his parents at the time of his birth created a sympathy and sensitivity in Raj that left him immune to the material obsessions of the world. He has a soft heart and his vulnerability is a powerful shield. Idealistic and clever he found love at a young age and was perhaps naïve when it came to seeing the truth about his wife and marriage. With a deep connection to the natural world and a love of figuring out how things work, it was natural he turned to engineering. Childhood dreams of industry in harmony with nature were quashed by real world jobs but he never gave up hope of finding a better way. When the scientific evidence on Climate Change began to mount and he discovered his birth parents died at the hands of extreme climatic conditions, he knew he must do something. It was a burning desire for change, a burning desire to protect and a burning desire to educate that began to fuel him. Once he felt that the survival of the natural world and the people he loved was at stake there was no stopping him.

Jessica (FEMALE, 25-40 Years old, Caucasian or East Indian), $150/Day
Raj’s wife and the daughter of wealthy New York parents who never paid her enough attention. When Jessica met Raj she thought him the perfect candidate to aggravate her parents, but she didn’t expect to fall in love with him. For Jessica love isn’t a life time thing, but she didn’t realize that before she married Raj. The quiet life of an ‘average’ man was not enough to satisfy her and when she couldn’t make Raj into the man she wanted ‘love’ just wasn’t enough. A life of privilege and materialistic wealth has been part of Jessica’s identity structure and she was compelled to push Raj towards creating that world for them – rather than seeing the true worth of Raj’s own dreams, goals and desires. Jessica has a lot of growing up to do and leaving Raj is the first step in a steep learning curve. One day she will fully realize what she let go.

Mark (MALE, 30-50 Years, Caucasian), $150/Day
Raj’s boss and genuine good bloke. He knows that Climate Change is real and that things have to change for the world to be a place worth living in – but he has a big mortgage and a couple of kids in private school – so what can you do? He quietly admires Raj’s courage but being a typical corporate manager/leader he has to play it safe and eliminate any potential threat to the company’s reputation – or his own career – especially in a recession. When Raj delivers his book on Climate Change it is with a heavy heart that Mark lets the axe fall. Raj is fired in the most politically correct manner he can muster.

Tracey (FEMALE, 25-50 Years, Caucasian), $150/Day
Works as a Legal & Communication Manager at the same place where Raj and Mark are working.
Her ego and unfriendly nature shows up in her communication with Raj. She is equally responsible for Raj’s termination on the grounds of recession.

Paulina (FEMALE, 25-40 Years, Caucasian), $100/Day
A journalist and she interviews Raj at one of the conferences

Neil (MALE, 30-60 Years, Caucasian), $100/Day
A book publisher of Raj’s book

Master of ceremony (FEMALE, 25-50 Years, Caucasian), $100/Day
This person introduces Raj at one of the conferences.

Extras (Total 12), $50/Day
MALE and FEMALE both (25-60 years, Caucasian)

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