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Job (Drumheller): Stage Management – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Job (Drumheller): Stage Management – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Canadian Badlands Passion PlayHead Stage Manger

The head stage manager is one who has overall responsibility for stage management and the smooth execution of the production. Most broadly, it is the stage manager’s responsibility to ensure that the director’s artistic choices are realized in actual performance. At the Canadian Badlands Passion Play the SM role is quite unique. The stage is over a kilometre from L to R and rises in elevation more than 100′. There is a cast of approximately 200 performers depending on the year and most of which are volunteers. The head stage Manager will be working with a team of 6 to 7 Directors and is responsible for leading a team of 3 to 5 ASM’s. There are often multiple rehearsals at a time on different parts of the set and because it is outdoors the rehearsals and performances are in all kinds of spring and summer weather.

Some of the duties include but are not limited to:

⁃ Record the timing of each as it relates to the script and other aspects of the performance as the sound, SPFX, and set change cues are developed.
⁃ maintain the prompt book, which contains all cues, technical notes, blocking and other information pertinent to the show.
⁃ recording the blocking and ensuring that cast members stay on script, have the requisite props, and follow the blocking during rehearsals.
⁃ responsible for helping establish the show’s rehearsal schedule and ensuring that rehearsals run on time.
⁃ Documents each rehearsal in a rehearsal report.
⁃ Once the house opens for a performance, The stage manager controls all aspects of the performance by calling the cues for all transitions and acting as communications hub for the cast and crew.
⁃ After the show opens, the stage manager is also responsible for calling brush-up, put in and understudy rehearsals to make sure that the show’s quality is maintained.
⁃ Ensures that actor, set movement, FX and sound cues are acted upon at the right time by issuing verbal or visual standby and prompt calls.
⁃ Other associated duties as required.

This position is a Contract Position. It has a small amount of preliminary satellite working hours from mid February to early May and will shift into a full time schedule of 5day work weeks, for 12 weeks, on site in Drumheller, AB, from mid May to Late July. The Passion Play is not preferential to either Union or Non-Union professionals. Though we are not a CTA theatre company but we have regularly hired Equity professionals under the Guest Artist Contract Policies.

Please submit digital resumes to no later than January 30th, 2014. If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact the email listed above.


The Head Stage Manager at the Passion Play is assisted by a team of several Assistant Stage Managers and they are divided, as needed, based on the size and complexity of the show. Because it is so large the passion play has customized some of the ASM positions to be very specific in the processes of the show. Due to the size and scope of the passion play we have additional titles for our ASMs; like Back Stage ASM, Technical ASM, Crowd ASM, etc. Though all ASM’s customarily take on such responsibilities as prompting , props tracking, assisting in set changes, cueing backstage, running satellite rehearsals and assisting with the general safety and wellbeing of all performers, they also take on very specific elements of the ASM job as the specialist on their team for the whole of the rehearsal process and shows. As usual, once into shows the ASM’s run it from backstage while the Head SM calls the show from the front of house. ASM’s are often asked to wear show specific wardrobe to facilitate onstage cuing and set changes during the run of the show.

Some of the specific Duties and responsibilities of the ASM’s:

⁃ Assist with Welcome weekend activities.
⁃ May move around with rehearsals, take blocking, sit on book and line read for missing actors.
⁃ They may supervise volunteers helpers working backstage.
⁃ Communicate changes to needs regarding props, sets and costumes during rehearsals; cuts, additions, problems, design needs.
⁃ They may create the props lists, running list, lists of necessary repairs/maintenance to set, props and costumes.
⁃ They may be responsible for calling/ signaling any cues to performers given them by the SM.
⁃ May be responsible for liaising with wardrobe and the performers to arrange costume fittings, costume modification needs and proper wear instruction.
⁃ May be responsible for liaising with Props or Set and the performers to arrange technical rehearsals, proper use instruction and potential modification needs.
⁃ May be responsible for liaising with the Crowd Director to keep track of their general and specific blocking and inform them of cueing issues, conflicts or necessities.
⁃ May be responsible for tracking the use and necessity for specific props during the show. This includes, what scenes they are used in, what place they enter and exit from, who uses them, what they are used for, how they need to be prepped and stored.
⁃ May determine changes that will need to happen throughout show, determine who needs help and work with wardrobe to come up with a schedule to a) talk and walk thru quick changes b) plan which dresser will be where.
⁃ May assist in getting performers into and out of quick changes at the appropriate times and places as well as calling/ signalling any cues to performers given them by the SM
⁃ May assist in getting the correct props in and out of performers hands at the appropriate times and places as well as calling/ signalling any cues to performers given them by the SM..
⁃ May be responsible for running the costume return immediately following the final show of the season.
⁃ Other associated duties as required.

This position is a Contract Position based on eleven, 5day work weeks, on site in Drumheller AB, from Mid May – Late July.

Please submit digital resumes to no later than January 30th, 2014. If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact the email listed above.

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