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Audition (St. Albert): Young Adult Male – St. Albert Theatre Troupe

Audition (St. Albert): Young Adult Male – St. Albert Theatre Troupe

Thanks for your interest. This role has been filled.

Shrunken-headsSt. Albert Theatre Troupe is looking for a young adult male actor for the upcoming comedic production of “Shrunken Heads” by M.Z Ribalow
Directed by Sandra McCallum

Auditions by appointment ASAP – call Sandra 780-914-9863 or e-mail
Role Available: CARLYLE HIRAM PECKINPAH III (CAR) – Caroline’s boyfriend, relatively clean-cut and somewhat diffident, twenty

Production Dates: April 24, 25, 26, May 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 2014

Dr. Bob Hyde, a successful psychiatrist, just wants to have a quiet, peaceful weekend at his country estate, where he can commune with nature and relax in his Jacuzzi, far away from his patients. No such luck.

In burst an assortment of crazed or just plain eccentric characters, from his neurotic to end all neurotics patient Dorothy Putney, to his daughter Caroline who is dropping out of her seventh college to go and live in a tent in Colorado and who has stopped by for moral support and money, to Caroline’s mother and Hyde’s ex wife Jennifer, a master of facetious wise cracks and particularly adept at draining Dr. Bob of alimony money. When Dorothy’s husband Norman, who thinks his wife is having an affair with Hyde, shows up with a gun, this wildly paced farce really hits its stride, and things build and build to an hilarious climax.

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