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News (Alberta): Theatre Alberta launches 2nd Annual Gift A Play Library Donation Campaign

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News (Alberta): Theatre Alberta launches 2nd Annual Gift A Play Library Donation Campaign

Theatre Alberta launches our 2013 fundraising campaign: Gift A Play to Theatre Alberta’s Library for Christmas.storytelling

Theatre Alberta’s Library is our most valuable resource. We have more than 18,500 titles in our collection, from plays and how-to guides to reference materials. Our 2013 “Wish List” contains 119 more titles to add to our shelves!

The Library’s reach is province-wide as we mail titles to our members across Alberta (and beyond) free of charge. When you donate a book for the Theatre Alberta Library, you are giving a gift to the entire Albertan theatre community.

Last year, Theatre Alberta donors gave us 95% of the titles we wished for during our inaugural campaign. This year, our “Wish List” is worth a total of $1,550, and we hope that you can help us meet that goal.

Donors’ names will be inserted into their gifts once we catalogue and add them to our shelves. Theatre Alberta will share donors’ names and which books they donated online through our Library blog and Theatre Buzz. Tax receipts are available for donations worth more than $20.

For more information about the campaign, which books are on our Wish List, and how you can get involved, visit

Check out some of the 119 titles on Theatre Alberta’sWish List” on

Buy a book for Theatre Alberta for Christmas: A different way to donate to Theatre Alberta but with direct impact to our organization’s most valuable resource. This is your library: this is a special way to support a service unique to your membership and your community.

Thank you so much for your support!

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