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What’s On (Rosebud): WE ARE THE BODY (reading) – Burnt Thicket Theatre

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What’s On (Rosebud): WE ARE THE BODY (reading) – Burnt Thicket Theatre

barbwireBurnt Thicket Theatre is hosting a public reading of new work by Andrew Kooman: WE ARE THE BODY

Sunday, October 27
1 p.m.
Venue: Nodwell Building (next door to the Studio Stage) in Rosebud, Alberta

Synopsis: Imprisoned in solitary confinement behind the Iron Curtain of post-war Romania, Elsie’s only companions – and perhaps only hope – are two other prisoners she cannot touch or see, tortured like Elsie because of their faith. As they tap out messages in Morse code from the confines of their lonely cells, the unseen companions trigger memories from her former life, especially her love affair before the war. Past and present collide as Elsie is forced to face her demons and to imagine a future without torture and faith.

About Burnt Thicket:Burnt Thicket Theatre enlivens audiences with original performance. As a company it aims to have at least one script in development each year, to be produced in a future season. This public reading of WE ARE THE BODY will assist playwright Andrew Kooman in that refinement process.

Featuring: Heather Pattengale, Aaron Krogman, David Snider and Conrad Belau. Directed by Stephen Waldschmidt.

Audience Advisory: not suitable for children

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