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What’s On (Calgary): Junkyard/Paradise – Theatre Junction

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Calgary): Junkyard/Paradise – Theatre Junction

Junkyard/Paradise exists in the fragile place between what's precious and disposable - where what's inoffensive becomes fatal.
Junkyard/Paradise exists in the fragile place between what’s precious and disposable – where what’s inoffensive becomes fatal.


Mayday – Mélanie Demers (Montreal)


Co-presented by Theatre Junction and Springboard Performance’s Fluid Festival, in association with The Banff Centre

October 16-19, 2013


“…a political, poetic, urgent and necessary declaration.” – Le Devoir

While a junkyard is often a shelter for what is still precious, and paradise often a dump for our disposable love stories, Mayday’s Junkyard/Paradise exists in the fragile place between what is precious and what disposable, where what is inoffensive becomes fatal. Founder and choreographer Mélanie Demers uses the stage as a platform to examine the role of the artist in mediating the fate of the world and individuals, reconciling the duality of hope in a society in distress. Her work speaks to a theatrical, surrealistic aesthetic, full of searing emotion and physicality that has the impact of raw poetry. Junkyard/Paradise is an existential exploration of the state of the world we live in and our responsibility as individuals. This paradise is a purgatory, strewn with broken dreams, unstable alliances and unfulfilled potential.

Montreal-based choreographer Mélanie Demers founded Mayday as a means to focus on observing the human condition and question the role of the artist in society. Her company is recognized internationally for creating socially engaged dance that has been presented across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A mayday is a distress call, borrowed from the French term ‘Come help me’. In a world that she believes to be on the verge of collapse, Mélanie Demers considers being an artist a privilege, and aims to create work that mingles politics and poetry, stimulating an invitation to change, an invitation to help.

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