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News: Premier’s Council on Culture members announced

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News: Premier’s Council on Culture members announced

AlbertaCultureEstablished as the Premier’s Council on Arts and Culture in 2008, the council was refocused as the Premier’s Council on Culture with a renewed mandate and membership in January 2013. The council is a government-appointed body that directly advises the Minister of Culture on innovative approaches, partnerships and solutions to support sustainable growth within the province’s diverse culture sector. It is composed of 24 community leaders who collectively reflect the many different sectors responsible for cultural activities and experiences in Alberta – from arts, heritage, multicultural and nonprofit/voluntary organizations to creative and cultural industries, youth and corporate partners. As individuals, they have diverse backgrounds – artists and creators (dancers, writers, actors, musicians), entrepreneurs, philanthropists, CEOs of large nonprofit organizations, and leaders in Alberta’s cultural communities. 

Members include: 

Todd Hirsch – Chair
Todd Babiak – Vice Chair
Grant C. Berg
Tom Cox
Dr. Daniel Doz
Michael Feehan
Martin Kennedy
Deborah A. Shoctor
Gaurav Singhmar
Jason Valleau
Katherine van Kooy
Helen Calahasen
Carolyn Campbell
Christopher S. Davis
Casey Edmunds
Barry G. Finkelman
Sam Jenkins
W.R. (Bob) McPhee
Jean-Claude Munyezamu
Terry Rock
Russell Vincent Thomas
Linda A. Weigl

Ex officio council members
Frederick Bradley, Board Chair, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
Mark T. Phipps, Board Chair, Alberta Foundation for the Arts

The council is responsible for:

  • championing Alberta’s cultural policy, The Spirit of Alberta, in the community;
  • assisting in developing and implementing Alberta’s long-term province wide Culture Plan;
  • promoting an understanding among Albertans of the benefits of participating in and supporting cultural activities; and,
  • identifying innovative approaches, partnerships and funding models for the promotion and support of culture in Alberta.

Council members are very involved in the everyday cultural lives of communities. On an ongoing basis, they act as cultural champions and as valuable channels for information from all of Alberta’s different cultural and geographical communities to the Minister.

For more information, visit the Alberta Culture website.

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