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News (Calgary): 2013 Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards Winners Announced

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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News (Calgary): 2013 Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards Winners Announced

The Critter Awards were handed out in a ceremony on July 24th. We’ve updated this post to showcase the winners of each category. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards honour 78 nominees in 16 categories

Calgary Theatre Critics, Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald, Louis B. Hobson of the Calgary Sun and Jessica Goldman of CBC’s The Eyeopener and are pleased to announce the nominees for the second annual Calgary Theatre Critics’ Awards.

Nominees were chosen from any production performed in Calgary between August, 2012 and June, 2013, with the exception of Broadway Across Canada performances. The winners will be announced at a free public award ceremony at 8pm on July 24th at The Libertine Public House, 223 8 Ave SW.

The 2013 Critter nominees and winners (in bold) are:

Best Play:

Hamlet, The Shakespeare Company
Pride and Prejudice, Theatre Calgary
The Kite Runner, Theatre Calgary
Jack Goes Boating, Sage Theatre
William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Shakespeare Company/Ground Zero Hit & Myth Productions

Best Musical

Chicago Stage West
Next to Normal, Theatre Calgary
Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame, Lunchbox Theatre/High Performance Rodeo
The Last Five Years, Storybook Theatre
If I Weren’t With You, Lunchbox Theatre

Best New Script

Sequence by Arun Lakra (Downstage)
People You May Know by One Yellow Rabbit
Second Chance, First Love by Caroline Russell-King (Lunchbox)
This Is How I Left by Third Street Theatre Creative Ensemble
May and Joe by Morris Ertman. Heather Pattengale and Paul Zacharias (Rosebud Theatre)

Best Touring Production

Look Mummy I’m Dancing by Vanessa Van Durme
Metamorphosis (Lyric Theatre & Vesturport)
Ride The Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville)
This is What Happens Next by Daniel McIvor (Alberta Theatre Projects)
The God That Comes, Created by Hawksley Workman and Christian Barry (Alberta Theatre Projects)

Best Director Play

Haysam Kadri – Hamlet (The Shakespeare Company)
Dennis Garnhum – Pride and Prejudice (Theatre Calgary)
Mark Bellamy – Scarlet Woman (Lunchbox Theatre)
Kelly Reay – Polygraph (Sage Theatre)
Kevin McKendrick – Sequence (Downstage)

Best Director Musical

Ron Jenkins – Next to Normal (Theatre Calgary)
Max Reimer – Chicago (Stage West)
David Leyshon – If I Weren’t With You (Lunchbox)
Mark Bellamy – The Last Five Years (Storybook Theatre)
Rachel Avery – Blanche: the Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame (Lunchbox/High Performance Rodeo)

Best Actor in a Play

Garett Ross – Jack Goes Boating (Sage Theatre)
Christian Goutsis – Hamlet (The Shakespeare Company)
Wes Tritter – Second Chance, First Love (Lunchbox Theatre)
Anousha Alamian – The Kite Runner (Theatre Calgary)
Brian Jensen – A Steady Rain (Ground Zero and Hit & Myth Productions)

Best Actress in a Play

Denise Clarke – People You May Know (One Yellow Rabbit)
Julie Orton – Scarlet Woman (Lunchbox Theatre)
Alyssa Bradac – This is How I Left (Third Street Theatre)
Karen Robinson – Intimate Apparel (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Genevieve Pare – Polygraph (Sage Theatre)

Best Actor in a Musical

Bart Kwiatkowski – Evil Dead: The Musical (Ground Zero/Hit & Myth Productions)
Matt Cassidy – Chicago (Stage West)
J.P. Thibodeau – The Last Five Years (Storybook Theatre)
Robert Marcus – Next to Normal (Theatre Calgary)
Barrie Wood – Anne of Green Gables (Theatre Calgary)

Best Actress in a Musical

Kathryn Akin – Next to Normal (Theatre Calgary)
Marisa McIntyre – Chicago (Stage West)
Madeleine Suddaby – The Last Five Years (Storybook Theatre)
Onalea Gilbertson – Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame (Lunchbox/High Performance Rodeo)
Jill Agopsowicz – Anne of Green Gables (Theatre Calgary)

Featured Actor in a Play

Frank Zotter – Jack Goes Boating (Sage Theatre)
Graham Percy – Intimate Apparel (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Paul Welch – It Could Be Any Of Us (Vertigo Theatre)
Duval Lang – Hamlet (Shakespeare Company)
Roger LeBlanc – Hamlet (Shakespeare Company)

Featured Actress in a Play

Julie Orton – Intimate Apparel (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Esther Purves-Smith – Dust (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Elinor Holt – It Could be Any One of Us (Vertigo)
Shawna Burnett – Jack Goes Boating (Sage)
Valerie Ann Pearson – Panic (Vertigo)

Featured Actor in a Musical

Scott Shpeley – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Michael Cox – Next to Normal (Theatre Calgary)
Ed Shaley – Chicago (Stage West)
Jeremy Crittenden – Anne of Green Gables (Theatre Calgary)

Featured Actress in a Musical

Sara Farb – Next to Normal (Theatre Calgary)
Alyssa Billingsly – Evil Dead: The Musical (Ground Zero and Hit & Myth)
Lisa Lennox – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Alberta Theatre Projects)
Denise Clarke – Songs from Nightingale Alley (One Yellow Rabbit)

Best Solo Performance

Paul Welch – I Am My Own Wife (Third Street Theatre)
Haysam Kadri – Bashir Lazhar (Downstage)
Chantal Perron – Aviatrix (Lunchbox)
Heather Pattengale – Badger (Theatre BSMT)
Monice Peter – The Dandelion Project (Verb Theatre)

Best Design

Terry Gunvordahl – Polygraph (Sage)
Terry Gunvordahl, Kaely Dekker, Andrew Blizzard – Panic (Vertigo)
Patrick Clark – Pride and Prejudice (Theatre Calgary)
Kerem Cetinel – The Kite Runner (Theatre Calgary)
Martin Evans – Hamlet (Shakespeare Company)

In addition, the critics will be handing out the inaugural Evans Award this year to someone they feel has contributed greatly to the vibrancy of the theatre community in Calgary. The 2013 recipient is Pamela Halstead, Lunchbox Theatre.

The Calgary Critics would like to thank their event sponsors: Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Davis Jensen Law, Bottom Line Productions, Clarice Siebens and Petrocraft Storage Inc. for their support and enthusiasm.

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