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Auditions (Alberta): Theatre for Young Audiences Touring Production

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Alberta): Theatre for Young Audiences Touring Production

Who we are:
We are an inspiration and education company that uses live theatre to share character building messages with primary aged students.
Who we need:
We need 2 formally trained actors with valid driver’s license to tour elementary schools including Edmonton and Calgary (and lots of places in between).  If you have no criminal convictions, no addictions, and if you wish to refine and hone your craft, this might just be the production for you. This is a paid position. We pay $500/ week plus vehicle and expenses. If you have a vehicle and choose to use it, we would pay an additional $40/ day plus gas. Having and using your own vehicle is not a prerequisite for applying for the role. Serious actors only. Some singing required! You must have a demonstrated track record and have been trained at an accredited acting school. If you think you have what it takes, apply now!
Deadline for Applying:
August 20th, 2013

Please email your resume and head shot to sbpauditions@rogers.com 
Performance Cities:
Calgary, Edmonton (and lots of places in between and around each city).
Story 1 Synopsis (a show about Inclusion for k-3):
A friendly alien comes to earth is a 40-minute show about inclusion for children K-3. The purple space alien is banished by his planet elders. Seems our alien has only been playing with other purple aliens and has been ignoring all the aliens of other colours, even other aliens who are light purple!  So his assignment is to visit Earth to find out about INCLUSION.
Upon arrival, Hi Rez meets a young school girl named Jessie who has been excluded from one of the clubs at school because her clothes are out of fashion. Jessie and Hi Rez become friends and she teaches Hi Rez the positive benefits of being receptive to new people and new ideas. And Hi Rez helps her understand the importance of being persistent and standing up for yourself, especially when she really wants to do something, like join the hip hop club!
It takes a while for the student body to get used to the fact that Hi Rez is purple, but his arrival works for the positive, and everyone ends up learning a new, inclusive approach to social interaction.  Music, Comedy, Drama, Songs
Story 2 Synopsis (a show about cyber bullying for grades 4-6 or 4-8)
Our two main characters run in different circles. They share the same math class, but they barely know each other. One day after school, CJ and Jess bump into each other at the park. They’re both there with the intent of rendezvousing with a chat buddy they met independently online.

As they wait, they start talking and exchanging Internet/electronic communication experiences. They discover that, at one time or another, they’ve each been cyber bullied: Jess has been receiving rude, anonymous text messages; CJ has been slandered on Facebook.

Not only that, but – by sharing their different stories – CJ and Jess realize that their own track records of emailing, texting, and social networking with their peers has been less than perfect. They’ve each disclosed information online about their friends without permission, distributed unflattering photos, and made inappropriate comments on public online bulletin boards without consideration for other people’s feelings.

Turns out that CJ and Jess are not only cyber bully victims, but cyber bully perpetrators as well! And the chat buddies that they are there to meet turn out to be themselves, only under aliases and as people they have pretended to be online!

With the help of the school guidance counselor, some close friends, and a local police officer, CJ and Jess learn all about cyber bullying, take positive action, and resolve to be more diligent about asking for, and giving, respect to others while online. Music, Comedy, Drama, Songs 


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