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Day: June 14, 2013

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Artstrek Memories: “The Les Miserables Collective and Connection – 2005” – Erinn

I attended Artstrek for three years as a student from 2005 to 2007, and then I was the Artstrek Registrar in 2010. During that time I was working on my BA Honors in Drama at the University of Alberta, where I graduated in 2011. I am currently completing my MA in Drama Therapy at Concordia University in Montreal, and I am going to be employed as a Drama Therapy Intern next year at the PTSD Center in New Haven, Connecticut, where I will be working with traumatized populations. I use the same kinds of techniques that originated within the drama community as a form of therapy with people of all ages, specifically using the processes of improvisation, embodiment, roles, witnessing, dramatic projection, ritual, transformation, and play. Now I am writing a research paper about the performance that I created, called Infertile: Inhale, Pop, Hiss, Sigh, based on my personal experience of infertility, which was received very well by the Creative Arts Therapies community in Montreal.

News: Denise Clarke receives 2013 Honorary Doctorate from University of Calgary

Denise Clarke, One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatres’ Associate Artists and permanent member of the creative ensemble received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Calgary on Wednesday, June 12. Denise Clarke is an internationally-hailed artist in dance and theatre, and was given this honor for her accomplishments as a choreographer, actor,

News: Arun Lakra’s Sequence wins 2013-2014 Woodward-Newman Award

Alberta playwright Arun Lakra has won the 2013-14 Woodward-Newman Drama Award for his play Sequence. The award is sponsored by the Newman’s Own Foundation in memory of the stage work of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Dr. Lakra receives $3,000, as well as $300 in travel money and a full

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