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Alberta Fringe Festivals (Calgary): Rep your “Geek Life” at the Calgary Fringe

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Alberta Fringe Festivals (Calgary): Rep your “Geek Life” at the Calgary Fringe

I didn’t choose the geek life, the Geek Life chose me…

Calgary, Alberta – August 2, 2013 – “Geek Life,” the newest vaudeville injected presentation from San Francisco’s Sourdough Productions is coming to the London Fringe Festival this June. Fresh off critical and audience acclaim in Orlando, London and Winnipeg, Geek Life will have six shows in Calgary.

“Snazzy…Hilarious…Egg-Ceptional! Geeks of any genre should walk out smiling.”
-Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly

Aji, the show’s protagonist juggler and soloist, has a theory; everyone in the world is a geek about something. The word should not be limited to science fiction or fantasy fans, but anyone with passion driving their lives. “Everyone has something to be a geek about,” says Aji, “And fantasy football guy? Who are you kidding, you are one twenty sided die away from playing Dungeons & Dragons.”

65% of people believe that everyone is a geek about at least one thing
-survey conducted in 2011 by Modis

Geek Life is constructed around the three pieces to Aji’s easily digestible definition of the “correct usage” of the word geek. Stories from his life, including building a backyard roller coaster, surviving professional circus school, love dashed on the rocks below the Golden Gate Bridge and touring with America’s largest circus are woven together with masterfully handled vaudeville juggling tricks to illustrate and flesh out each facet of the definition.

WINNER: Best of the Fringe, San Francisco 2010 with “Bad Day to be a Juggler”
San Francisco’s Best Stand-up Juggler, 2010

Lantern Church Gym
1401 10 Ave SE

Saturday August 3, 2:30 PM
Sunday August 4, 6:30 PM
Monday August 5, 4:30 PM
Wednesday August 7, 8:30 PM
Thursday August 8, 6:30 PM
Saturday August 10, 8:30 PM

Buy tickets online here: Calgary Fringe Website

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