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Workshop (Edmonton): Vibrant Voice Technique with David Ley

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Workshop (Edmonton): Vibrant Voice Technique with David Ley

imagesCome see what the buzz is about!

Since the University of Alberta featured David Ley’s vocal vibration research, people from all over the world have been curious to learn more about this cutting edge new technique. On Thursday evening May 23rd, David will present a workshop in Edmonton open to the public where participants can learn about the technique and try it for themselves.

Vibrant Voice Technique workshop
Thursday May 23rd from 7pm-9pm
3-125 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2C9

Cost is $20 – all proceeds will go to the Actors Fund of Canada.
Please RSVP to vibrantvoicetechnique@gmail.com.

About the Vibrant Voice Technique:

David Ley’s Vibrant Voice Technique involves the simple concept of using vibration to stimulate vibration. The technique involves the use of a small hand-held vibrator that, when applied to points on the neck and jaw, helps to reduce tension that may lead to or result from vocal stress; it is also extremely useful for those who suffer from TMJ issues. The vibrator can be used directly on the larynx to release tension and, if used while humming, can help stimulate more dynamic vocal fold vibrations. Humming while placing the vibrator on specific points on the skull helps to clarify placement, increase overtones, and develop resonance. People who have never been able to figure out forward placement or mask resonance have been able to find it through this technique. Actors, singers and public speakers who often face abusive vocal demands that lead to fatigue find the technique easy to apply and extremely helpful in maintaining their vocal health and freedom.

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